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youth development author Bob Berry

  • Youth Life Excellence Virtual Academy (this web site and Learning System): Youth development and life success learning since 1986
  • Over 37,000 users online today, with installations in all 50 states
  • Schools, community centers, colleges, courts, and homes
  • 250 hours of life readiness programs that Inspire, Motivate, and Empower
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Here are the youth development programs I offer: 

And I provide world-class Learning Content and Learning System Development.


I’m founder and developer of the Youth Life Excellence Virtual Academy and the youth development learning systems LifeSkillPrograms.com and YouthLifeChoices.com. I’m a long-time, seasoned e-Learning developer, inventor, and entrepreneur, father of five adult children, and passionate about helping youth and adults succeed in the real world. I’ve authored hundreds of hours of life success programs, assessments, and resources on this web site, serving tens of thousands of users in all 50 U.S. states. I’m the original leader of the team at HP that developed the first online ordering systems on the web, and developer of first large-scale corporate learning systems.

And: Founder and developer of Pikes Peak Learning Company of Colorado Springs, CO – dedicated to inspiring, motivating, and empowering youth to develop the skills, willingness, resources, and support systems to succeed in the real world. The online, interactive life skill programs available on this site are designed – and proven nationwide – to help young people and adults prepare for success in the real world.

My partners (described below) and I are committed to developing and providing the best life skill curriculum, assessments, and technology for you and your teens – whether they are your students, your own kids, or both. My online educational experience goes back to the mid-nineties and the early days of the web, when I led the teams that launched Hewlett-Packard’s global engineering education initiatives with the top technical universities around the world, and I built the first e-commerce system in HP – the first online ordering anywhere on the web.

Since then, I’ve founded three e-learning companies, designed hundreds of hours of interactive life skills programming, and reached tens of thousands of students and organizations across the U.S. – and raised five children of my own.

With the educational, technical, and business expertise of the people and organizations below, I’m better able to reach and help youth around the country, and attract the best life skill program developers.

Youth Life Choices


Positive, FREE online programs and life skills for troubled teens, for schools, teen-juvenile-truancy courts, detention, and probation. Motivational, interactive programs that provide skills for at-risk teens and therefore hope for the future, to engage teens in the world around them, to learn their own value, and to begin mapping out the steps to a productive, satisfying life. We know that hope, direction, purpose, and value can completely transform a teenager. (see their web site to learn more about Youth Life Choices).

Viewmark, Inc.

viewmark youth development partner


Founded in 1995, Viewmark provides internet-based strategies and solutions for businesses and organizations that set the framework for e-Business success. Viewmark is the winner of numerous awards for development of leading-edge web and educational systems, including the American Marketing Association Gold and Silver awards, Web Marketing Association awards (four consecutive years), International Emma award for web development, NewMedia Invision Gold award, and the Business Marketing Association Gold Key award (see their web site to learn more about Viewmark).

FutureSelves of Wellington, New Zealand

futureselves youth development innovator


FutureSelves provides software and skills to help counselors, case managers, educationalists and HR professionals in their work with clients. The FutureSelves program is a quick, effective way to engage clients and build a positive future. It is designed for busy practitioners who must cover a lot of ground quickly. At the core of FuturesSelves’s work is the concept of “possible selves” – a leading methodology in the youth development field. These are the images, thoughts, feelings and senses a person has about themselves in the future. They link directly to a person’s thinking – and decision making, behavior, motivation and performance (see their web site to learn more about FutureSelves).

LifeSkillPrograms.com is an authorized distributor for FutureSelves in the U.S. The FutureSelves application is a valuable complement to the life skills, motivational, and real-world readiness programs. To help inspire, motivate, and empower your teens for successful lives, FutureSelves provides valuable and compelling insights into each young person’s opportunities and barriers.

True Life Interactive

true life youth development originator

True Life Interactive was the original online life skills, youth development, independent living, financial literacy, and real-world-readiness program program, first developed in 1987 as a printed curriculum, and then launched on the World Wide Web in 2001. Originally developed by Bob Berry to show his kids the value of education and the connections between education, career, money, and lifestyle, it is now incorporated in Pikes Peak Learning Company’s Peak Discovery and Peak Readiness programs – which still use the “True Life Chart” that has helped so many young people across the US for the last 20 years. True Life Interactive was acquired by Pikes Peak Learning in 2005 and continues as the inspiration and model for how to help young people prepare for life using innovation, online, interactive curriculum. We still support all True Life users, since 2001.

Sam Kirk and Associates (SKA)

youth development by Sam Kirk

SKA was a Denver, Colorado, based career counseling firm that served clients nation-wide for over twenty-five years. SKA developed an extensive self-assessment process that enables students to understand their values, interests, skills and preferred work environment. With this understanding, individuals are empowered to make career decisions that result in career satisfaction. Students have the information they need to define their career goals and develop a plan to achieve them.

Samuel Kirk received the top training award in the country, presented by President Bush in April of 1989, for assisting in the design and delivery of a comprehensive career development program for IBM. Over 3,000 employees and 700 managers participated in this transition program. In addition to counseling clients, he taught masters level courses in career planning, career development in organizations, and career counseling for Webster University, Chapman University, University of Phoenix, and Colorado Mountain College. He has also taught at such esteemed schools as Colorado State University, the University of Northern Colorado, John F. Kennedy University, and the Iliff School of Theology.

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