Raise Money – Save Our Youth – Build a Better World

  • Raise Money: Earn CA$H for your school, center, church, court, or any education program.
  • Save Our Youth: Invest in programs that inspire, motivate and empower teen responsibility, leadership, motivation, and excellence.
  • Build a Better World: Prepare the next generation to lead, act with integrity, and create vision and purpose for all.


…and get my free e-book on Youth Job and Career Excellence just by requesting info.

How it works: Students, parents, and families pay the sign-up fee for our life-success and real-world-readiness e-learning system – and your organization keeps a portion. It’s that simple!

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More and more, schools and many other organizations are asking parents, students, families, and community sponsors to pay the fees for curriculum – both traditional and online programs.

This trend presents a new fundraising idea and approach for your organization or institution to not only SAVE money, but it helps you EARN money, too.

Final1My Affiliate Program pays up to 35% of gross sales. With our $77 lifetime user fee for our full GetREAL series of life success programs, that’s $27 per student for your coffers. So if you have 100 kids involved, this fundraising idea could generate $2700 for your students, programs, and projects.

I’ve run successful affiliate programs throughout the U.S. for the last 15 years. I work with schools of all types, youth centers, courts, colleges, faith-based groups, homeschool groups, and many others.

Fill out the form above: You’ll get your free e-Book and e-Learning programs immediately. And I’ll email you to follow up on the fund raising opportunities.