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Our founder and CEO Bob Berry has led a number of leading-edge e-learning development projects nationwide, for a variety of audiences, clients, and subjects. He brings 25 years of experience in distance learning and interactive education.  He’s created learning solutions for major corporations, for non-profits, K12, and higher education. Bob led the creation of one of the first major global online learning initiatives with Hewlett-Packard, with the creation of their international engineering education platforms in the early days of the web. He’s launched three e-learning ventures since then. He builds his approach on decades of e-learning and learning development research, design, and development experiences.  He is also a certified expert on user experience and usability, and is a presenter and facilitator at executive learning events around the world. Bob has a BA in computer science and resides in Colorado Springs.

Consider what’s possible with the learning development systems and methods available to you today.

Do you have excellent content that want to put online? Do you want to reach more students, with better courses, more engaging learning, at a lower cost? Do you have an old learning system – or no learning system at all – and want to get your organization into the 21st century?

With exceptional design, innovation assessments, the latest e-learning tools, and leading-edge learning development platforms, you students will learn more, retain more, and have more fun doing it.  And you’ll spend a lot less of your budget to create a much improved educational result.