Here’s how I can help you foster youth and motivation and help them find a purpose – as I have for tens of thousands of teen nationwide. 

Teens need to discover for themselves and prove to themselves they can succeed – their motivation must be intrinsic to be lasting and effective.  Here are all the lessons refined over 25 years to help you give them this power.

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Encouraging youth and motivation, character and responsibility have been the focus of these programs for the last 25 years, in schools, community centers, homes, colleges, courts, youth homes, and many other organizations.  In my own parenting, and with many thousands of teens across the U.S., I’ve learned that it must be intrinsic – the youth and motivation and initiative that will guide them to own their choices and their future must come from within.

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We’re here to help, you’re not alone in this quest.  Schools may no longer have the funding to teach these skills, and parents may not have the resources, the time, or the knowledge.  Provide encouragement and support, model focus and motivation, and youth will rise to the occasion. They need your support!  Here’s a chance to give them a leg up, with no risk and no obligation.