I’m excited to share a new learning management system that we’re really keen on: it’s called LearnDash, and you’ll see it here soon.

The site you’re using is built on today’s most useful, easy to use, powerful, and popular web site platform – called WordPress.  In all the online activity you do, for business or personal needs, there’s a good chance that a significant portion of the web sites you visit are built on WordPress.

And if you’ve gone so far as to build your own site, or work on a web site for your company, school, community organization, church, club, etc. – you probably used WordPress.

Of course, my business and passion are e-learning, and using interactive learning systems to teach youth how to succeed in life.  I’ve standardized in recent years on WordPress. But WordPress, and the vast collections of tools, “widgets”, and “plugins” that it offers, have lacked serious e-learning capabilities.  That’s finally about to change, with LearnDash.

CLICK to visit the LearnDash web site.

I’ve used many learning management systems over the years, and even built a few.  It’s mostly a frustrating experience, due to the complexity, poor reliability, and marginal support.

So imagine my excitement when I heard about LearnDash.  As their website describes, “WordPress LMS – MADE EASY!  [LMS means Learning Management System]  Instantly transform your site into a powerful learning management system with LearnDash’s WordPress LMS plugin. With a click of a button you can create and sell courses, setup quizzes, automatically award certificates, and download robust user activity reports.”

All those features mentioned – quizzes, courses, certificates, user activity reports, and much more that LearnDash offers – are necessary for you to help teens succeed at all the courses offered here, and therefore to help them succeed in life.

Our strategic plans include adding programs, learning modules, and online examples for teens to develop their own useful, marketable skills – including basic web development, graphics, and blogging.  Plus, we’ll be adding more interactive tools, better tracking of student outcomes, expanded assessments, and much more – watch for our installation of LearnDash, how it will expand student learning, and how it will help youth develop key technical skills.