This is my offering to the country, to the world.  I put this out there, most of it free, and I now – Oct. 26, 2012 – relinquish it into the hands of the Infinite Way, into the Fabric that creates and animates.

I will continue to grow, to nourish, to support, to improve, and to find new content to enhance and expand it.

I now place in the forefront the honest and steadfast purpose – desire -intent to serve, before my own needs to prove anything, to harvest income, to pay back my lingering debts and guilt, even as I acknowledge that cutting those strings and relinquishing those conditions does not come naturally.  In fact, I not entirely sure how to do it.

But this web site is an action in that direction.

Peak Service, Peak Vision, the stream of content through my e-newsletter – this is all free.  Then, the subscriptions are far less costly than my past endeavors.

What IF – here and now, this were entirely about service, what if the technology, methods, content, business model, instructional approach, what I learn and apply, is ENTIRELY about how to best serve youth and the adults working in their regard?  And not about mastering means to ensure my own personal safety and comfort?  Can I make the shift?

And I now must move on, I must make the it’s-about-the-users web site and the promise of that professional endeavor the first priority now – and I will continue to serve this commitmment as I move to the next level.


Can I make the shift?

And what then, Kickstarter, Sandbox, hiring good help, and making this an open source youth learning system – not for my own benefit but to assist families, organizations, young people everywhere?