The Rest of the Story – for each individual youth

Once teens have completed the prior lessons, they’ll have a good sense of they key economic dynamics of real life. They’ll understand better the relationships between school, career, income, and their economic status in life. The various scenarios they explored prepares them for the next set of lessons and the in-depth course described below.

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Now that they’ve seen how this works in a few examples, they will start creating their own independent life. This is their plan, with their ideas and preferences and hopes, and because they created it, they’re more likely to believe it and be willing to act on it.

Here are the rest of the lessons for this in-depth reality experience.  To get immediate access to the full set of activities and offer teens the chance to design a life that works, click the links in the right column.  You also get lifetime access to our interactive Learning System, an entire series of life success courses – see the full list below, and the chance to truly prepare young people for the realities ahead.

The rest of the Independent Living and Life Skills series includes:

Your Preferred Lifestyle
Intro to Independent Life (in Three Parts)
Journal and Reflection on Living on Your Own

Research and Decide Your Independent Lifestyle
Find a Real Apartment
Furnish Your Apartment
Determine Costs to Move Out
Create a Budget for Basic Expenses
Purchase a Car, Calculate a Car Loan
Real Costs of Owning and Maintaining a Car
Explore Insurance Costs for Cars and Health
Calculate Leisure and Entertainment Costs
Saving, Investing, Credit Cards, and Rainy Days
Income Needed to Achieve Your Preferred Lifestyle
Journal and Reflection on Budgets, Lifestyle, Expenses

Identify Job, Career, and Vocational Options
Profile Yourself, Identify Job and Career Categories
Explore Income, Working Conditions, Job Outlook

Align Your Lifestyle, Mission, and Earning Power

Explore Educational Options and Outcomes
Find Colleges, Explore Admissions, Compare Costs
Interview a Worker in Your Chosen Career
Journal and Reflection on Careers, Jobs, Education

Intro to the Business World 
Business Self-Assessment
Write a Basic Business Plan
Interview an Entrepreneur
Journal and Reflection on the Business World

Decide Your Lifestyle Goals, Make a Commitment

Explore Giving Back to the Community
Intro to Service and Volunteering
Service Learning Self-Assessment
Interview a Volunteer or Service Worker

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