Teens need this, it’s your job, don’t fail them: Job Readiness

This invaluable guide is to for teen  workplace readiness, success on the job, career exploration and career planning. Don’t miss, reserve your copy now.

Read on for 55 practical steps to keep adult kids out of their parents’ basements…

This e-book is written for teens – and their teachers, counselors, parents, mentors, advisers – as an in-depth learning course on job readiness, workplace success, career exploration, and career planning. It is free for schools and professional educators, and for home schools and parents and their own children. All necessary instructions and resources are included.


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You can open the e-book on a Windows computer, an Apple Mac, or an iPad, fill in the answers in the Activities, save it with the answers, and reopen it any time to update previous answers or fill in more.  Plus, you can re-save it as often as you want to share with as many students as you want.  It’s all free.