Youth and adult careers, values, interests, lifestyle, and the power of ‘possible selves’

“Where do I start? I don’t really know what I want to do or where I am going. Why bother? I’ll just go with the flow. All these people giving me advice, all these programs to chose from, but they don’t know who I am, or what I want.”

FutureSelves is all about careers, values, interests, lifestyles – and youth. It’s a proven, research and evidence-based, online system, that graphically maps student thinking, helping busy practitioners improve student motivation, behavior, performance and decision making. Students (including those classed as at-risk) enjoy it because it is different and captures their uniqueness as individuals. Teachers and mentors find it engages the students better and leads to effective, realistic goal setting and planning. Administrators and funders can see the impact of program spending.

FutureSelves is a highly effective and specialized program, and requires individual training for your staff.  CONTACT ME to learn more.

The FutureSelves program is a quick, effective way to engage young people and build a positive future. It is designed for busy practitioners who must cover a lot of ground quickly. At the core of our work is the concept of “possible selves”. These are the images, thoughts, feelings and senses a person has about themselves in the future. They link directly to a person’s thinking – and decision-making, behavior, motivation and performance.


Benefits and Outcomes for Students:

  • Improved motivation
  • Increased self awareness – opportunities and barriers
  • Improved decision making

Benefits and Outcomes for Coaches and Teachers:

  • Richer information – holistic
  • Better targeted interventions
  • Faster understanding of intrinsic motivation
  • Better goal setting and planning
  • Supports the changing “self”
  • Variety of program versions available for adults, youth, workforce, college,
    at-risk, etc. is an authorized distributor for FutureSelves, of Wellington, New Zealand. The FuturesSelves application is an innovative, powerful, and effective program by itself, and also provides a valuable complement to the GetREAL life skills programs, motivational, and real-world readiness programs. To help inspire, motivate, and empower your teens for successful lives, FutureSelves provides valuable and compelling insights into each young person’s opportunities and barriers.


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Future Selves: How It Works

FutureSelves is a practical application. It is a web-based questionnaire with a selection of item banks for different contexts, and for the different styles of practitioners. The online questionnaire provides feedback in the form of text and graphs, which provide material for discussion with students. Training, workbooks and manuals are also provided.

FutureSelves draws eclectically from a wide variety of psychological
approaches, and four feature most prominently:

  • Modern self theory – possible selves are in the future,
    so they are directly tied to motivation because they represent
    personal goals to pursue and to avoid. Possible selves are all
    the things that we hope, fear and expect. FutureSelves manages
    this complexity.
  • Ergonomics – the graphs provide a tremendous amount of
    personalized item level detail that is comprehensible and manageable.
  • Cognitive science – the program uses goal setting, and
    reflects the importance of self-regulation.
  • Social psychology – the program recognizes the importance
    of practitioner/client relationships in maintaining goal adherence
    in clients, and that group dynamics affect performance and goals.


How does futureselves work?

Administrator sets up the student

Student completes FutureSelves online

Administrator provides feedback to Coach (online or email)

Coach sets goals/strategies with student (face to face or phone)

Student works with additional Peak Mastery Courses


Why does FutureSelves work?

Captures the uniqueness of the individual

Taps into intrinsic motivation


Identifies opportunities and barriers

Enhances existing approach


Ideal for goal setting and decision making

Fast and easy to administer and use

Suitable for groups or individuals, local or remote