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Parenting Teens: here are programs to provide a wake-up call

Welcome to those adults who are parenting teens, including home schools, grandparents, and all families and family members seeking to assist the teenagers in your midst with the transition to adult life.  I’ve raised five kids of my own, I’ve supported and assisted my wife through a long career in the public schools, and with the programs you find on this web site, I’ve reached many thousands of teenagers across the country – maybe yours at some point!

The Learning System you’ll use was built about seven years ago, and it’s been refined and expanded to meet growing needs of parenting teens. The content in it goes back much further than that, almost three decades, with all the testing, refinement, and analysis those years have allowed.

What you see here and what you’ll use to parent your teens through these challenging time has been employed by thousands of youth and the professionals that help them, for the last seven years. Teachers, counselors, program administrators, principals, consultants, mentors, curriculum directors — countless parents and families in communities everywhere have take advantage of this guidance and learning.

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I know first-hand the struggles and triumphs of parenting teens.  It takes substantial resources, effort, support, learning, and life-enriching experiences to launch young people into the world, and hopefully I can provide some useful tools and programs to assist with those efforts.

Many of these activities provide considerable self-discovery and discovery about the real world.  This is an excellent chance to spend quality time with your teens to share your experience, answer questions, and fill in the blanks on how they’ll envision their own lives.

This latest version of the entire collection and the systems that support and deliver it have several new features and capabilities.  To better assist parents of teens, and anyone parenting teens, I am now:

  • Making much of it free for parents, home school, grandparents, etc.
  • Offering hundreds of hours of extensive courses for a few dollars a month
  • Creating more multimedia and rich content
  • Continuing to expand into social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and specialized social networks
  • Actively seeking out good content from professionals and creative private individuals

You can stay as long as you want, and keep whatever you have if you decide to move on.  You’ll get printed materials, plus a vast collections of online, interactive programs.  Call me toll free 866.471.4285 or email if you need assistance,