Sign up for our GetREAL Package, for ages 12 through 20, at the special homeschool price of $32 per user – 14% off the regular single user price.


ORDER: a single GetREAL Life Skill Series user account for $29.
ORDER: 30-user group package of the GetREAL Life Skill Series for $297.
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This includes all 9 online, interactive programs, with 142 modules and 180 hours of life success learning, in an online, interactive individual and personalized student account that never expires.  The 9 programs are:

PEAK READINESS: In-Depth Life Skills and Reality Course, 28 Modules
“Simulate successful adult life before they hit the street” – CLICK for Details

PEAK PURPOSE: Life Mission and Career Development, 15 Modules
“Youth with vision and purpose can overcome any challenge” – CLICK for Details

PEAK CHOICES: Reclaiming Your Power, Making Better Decisions, 19 Modules
“Personal responsibility may be the greatest skill we can teach” – CLICK for Details

MY e-PORTFOLIO: Share, Connect, Explore, Participate, Learn, 22 Modules
“Share your accomplishments, goals, and dreams – in a fun way” – CLICK for Details

PEAK WORKFORCE: Advanced Workplace Readiness Course, 20 to 25 Hours
“Find a job, master workplace skills, and learn to excel at work” – CLICK for Details

PEAK SERVICE: Community Service, Why It Matters, Making the Most of It, 5 Modules
“Giving back, helping others is the greatest character trait” – CLICK for Details

PEAK VISION: Create a Vision for the Future You Want, 6 Modules
“Who am I?  What do I want?  How will I make it happen?” – CLICK for Details

PEAK FINANCIAL: Money Management and Financial Literacy Course, 13 Modules
“To earn, spend, save, and invest wisely builds wealth” – CLICK for Details

INNERSTATE1: Interpersonal and Social Skills, 14 Modules
“Lack of social skills and self confidence can sink any teen” – CLICK for Details



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