Social Skills based on values, personal initiative, and purpose.

The teen years can be painfully awkward for many young people. In constant social situations every day, they face their greatest challenges, fears, and struggles, compounded by peer pressure, bullying, raging hormones, awkwardness, new and increasing demands from adults and society, unclear messages in popular culture and media, and so much more. It can be overwhelming, and InnerState1 can help.

Peak Social is great for teaching social skills in small groups, classrooms, one-on-one, and workshop programs for public and private schools, weekend retreats, families, home school, and summer camps.


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The purpose of Peak Social is to help participants learn key social skills and discover who they are and how they show up in the world. Activities constructively simulate a number of real-world social situations so teens can actively practice new skills and get immediate support and feedback. Throughout the program, participants learn the keys to achieving a life of fulfillment that will allow them to become contributing members of society, both personally and professionally.


Specific student needs that are addressed by Peak Social social skills:
  1. To be a valued member of a group that provides mutual support and caring relationships.
  2. To become a socially competent individual with the skills to cope successfully with school, work, family, and life.
  3. To believe in a promising future with real opportunities.


Benefits of Peak Social Learning:

To the student

  • Increased self-esteem
  • Ownership for decision-making process
  • Ability to influence others in a positive way
  • Individual plan for student’s future

To the student’s peers

  • Widespread acceptance of diversity among peers
  • Ethical leadership
  • Potential mentor/coach

To the student’s community

  • Responsible student action within the community
  • Increased student participation within the community
  • Higher ethical standards within the community
  • Increased Positive role models for younger members of the community

Program Outline for Social Skills:

  • Starts with ‘me’
  • Respect for and awareness of others
  • Good friendships: How to build them
  • Purpose: Painting the future


Specific Modules included in Peak Social social skills worksheets:

  • The Power of Choice (Learning to choose for myself)
  • Learning to Live in the Present (Identifying and dealing with Worry)
  • Defining my individual values (Core Values)
  • Finding Approval (Seeking approval in healthy ways)
  • Learning to appreciate myself (Self-esteem/self-confidence)
  • Identifying and owning my natural abilities (Identifying talents and abilities)
  • What restores my energy /what drains my energy? (Self-care/Stress management)
  • What makes me angry and how do I deal with my anger? (Understanding/managing anger)
  • What are my fears and how do they affect me? (Defining and removing the obstacle of fear)
  • What kind of relationships do I want in my life? (Making good relationship choices)
  • What are my ultimate hopes and dreams? (Defining goals for the future)