Workplace Success

  • Learn how finding and winning a job should work
  • Organize resumes, cover letters, and job applications
  • Discover the keys to a successful interview and practice them
  • Make a detailed, step-by-step plan and learn how to follow it to success
  • Understand paychecks, deductions, taxes, and what to do with that new income
  • Avoid the common mistakes on the job that lead to dismissal
  • Learn how to deal with co-workers, bosses, and how to excel in any job
  • Build advanced skills in teamwork, communication, and problem solving
  • Learn to apply advanced methods in organizational skills and self confidence
  • Ensure job readiness and workplace success


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PEAK WORKPLACE guides young people through preparing for a job search, and success on the job called workplace success. The Course includes approx. 10 hours of instruction which focuses on job readiness, and stresses the importance of planning and motivation in winning a job offer. Students explore how to prepare job applications, resumes, cover letters and how to use them. They will learn all the key aspects of job interviewing, and can practice interviewing with a partner. Then, once they have their job, they learn about success on the job, teamwork, communication, and how to avoid the main reasons people lose jobs.

PEAK WORKFORCE adds 15 hours of advanced job readiness and workplace skills to the Peak Workplace course. Students will build their self confidence and appreciation of themselves, and learn key problem solving skills that they can apply to many challenges on the job. Plus, they’ll discover advanced skills in getting and staying organized, communicating effectively, and developing further critical teamwork skills.


Peak WORKPLACE Job Readiness Core Curriculum

Your Job Search and Job Resources
Tips and Tools for a Successful Job Search
Decide What Job to Pursue
Community and Local Job Resources
Create a Job Search Planner

Explore Job Applications and Create Yours

Resumes, Cover Letters, and References
Advanced Interactive Resume Workshops

Preparing for Job Interviews
Behavioral Interviewing
Why You? Why This Job?
Additional Interviewing Resources

Interview Success and Follow Up
Top Ten Tips for a Successful Interview
Create a Thank You Letter
Interview Practice Role-Play

Learn About Paychecks and Deductions
Taking Care of Your Money

Keeping and Succeeding in Your Job

On-the-job Etiquette
Top Ten Reasons People Lose Jobs — and How to Avoid Them
Attitude and Excellence
Explore: Making Employment Work
Dealing With Challenges
Raises, Promotions, and Getting Ahead

Success with Coworkers and Bosses
Dealing With Customers
Teamwork, Communication, Conflicts
Leadership and Initiative

Peak WORKFORCE Advanced Job Readiness Modules

Self Confidence: Appreciate Who You Are

The Five P’s of Problem Solving

Intentional Communication

The Foundation of Good Teamwork

Getting Organized