Workplace Success: Keeping and Succeeding in Your Job

In your job, avoid the negative and the common mistakes – this life skill will keep you employed and valued by your employer. Learn about workplace success and focus on the positive.

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Discussion: On-the-Job Etiquette    

Use the following categories to lead a discussion about etiquette in your job. This is key to staying employed and find workplace success.  Discuss in large or small groups or with a partner. Take notes. After the discussion, write how YOU will manage each of these for you and your job.

Personal hygiene: hair clean, neat, and trimmed; teeth and breath clean; body showered and no colognes; clothes clean and appropriate: 



Show up each day, on time: keep track of your schedule; set an alarm; arrange reliable transportation ahead of time; get there a few minutes early and ready to work: 



Right attitude: helpful and positive; cooperative and listening; offer compliments and encouragement: 




Socializing: stay focused – work comes first; appropriate language; no touching; move social activities away from work:




What other etiquette best practices for workplace success did you, your partner, or your group think of?





Top 10 Reasons People Lose Jobs, and How You’ll Avoid Them    In each of the following, write how you’ll avoid these problems that stand in the way of workplace success. Remember, no one is perfect, and everyone has problems occasionally. The important thing is to deal with these the right way, if they ever become a problem.

1. Not showing up and not calling


2. Excessive absences 


3. Being late 


4. Acting rude or make trouble on the job 


5. Doing a poor job 


6. Poor hygiene, manners, or appearance 


7. Conflict with coworkers or supervisors 


8. Laziness, lack of energy, or low productivity 


9. Too many errors or mistakes


10. Theft or dishonesty


Learn How to Excel: Interview Your Supervisor

Look below to  find the Sample Supervisor Interview.

The best way to learn how to excel in your job and find workplace success is to ASK. In this Activity, you’ll interview your boss to learn how to do better and get ahead. Simply asking your supervisor these questions will earn you credit.
Follow the instructions on the Form. Then, after the Interview, decide on a few goals from you what you learn to ensure workplace success.

First Goal, Today:


Second Goal, 1 Month:


Third Goal, 3 Months:



Optional Essay: Power of a Positive Attitude




In many job situations, your skills and experience are not as important as you attitude. YOU choose your beliefs and your response to people and events. YOU decide if you’re approach will be positive, helpful, patient, accepting — or something else.

You may do this optional activity alone, with a partner, or with a group.

Write a paragraph about when you’ve practiced a positive attitude in the past. Write how you’ll maintain the right attitude now and how it will help you. 




Peak Mastery Supervisor Interview: Learn How to Excel

This interview will help you learn what your supervisor expects from you.  You discover what on- the-job excellence means.  You’ll be set for pay increases and possible promotion.

Approach your supervisor and explain that you want to learn more about your job.  Simply telling your boss you want to learn about how to do better will work in your favor.   Ask when you can spend 20 or 30 minutes to discuss the following questions.

During the interview, remember to:

• Maintain eye contact, listen, and pay attention

• Take notes and write your discoveries below

• Ask more questions if you don’t understand something

• Don’t argue or challenge their authority

• Shake hands and thank your supervisor for their time


The Interview                                                              

Interview Date :                                 

1. Tell me about my job performance so far.                                                          


2. How can I be a better worker for you?                                                             



3. What is the most important task you want me to do, and why?                                          



4. What are your biggest challenges right now, and how can I help?                                       



5. What do your supervisors expect and how can I help?



6. What is the most important thing we do for our customers?



7. How can I get a pay increase in my current job?



8. What are the opportunities for advancement?



9. How can I qualify for those?



10. What initiative could I show that would impress you?



11. What else should I know that I haven’t asked?



Thank your supervisor.  Now, you’re on your way to greater workplace success!