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  1. 350 Must-Have Resources for Youth Development, Learning, and Training
  2. My Free e-Book on Youth Job and Career Excellence and Workplace Success
  3. A Full Year of Life Success, Readiness, and Skills Lessons in Your Email
  4. Lifetime Access to the Peak Vision Interactive Life Purpose & Vision Course
  5. Lifetime Access to the Peak Service Interactive Community Service Course






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    Download a detailed brochure about the life success learning, 9 GetREAL programs, how the Learning System works, what’s included, and the benefits for students. And click the videos below for more program details.

    What’s included, and how the Learning System works:

    1. 100% Money-back Guarantee
    2. You get 1, 5, 12, or 30 ‘lifetime’ user passwords to my in-depth online Learning System – pay once, use ‘forever’
    3. Each password logs in to the Youth Life Success Virtual Academy: 9 life readiness courses, 145 learning modules
    4. Lessons, assessments, activities, and in-depth courses guide youth ages 12 through 22 to prepare for real life
    5. Everything is online, web-based, secure, interactive, personalized, tested, proven, and effective
    6. Used by 37,000 students nationwide since 2001 at schools, colleges, youth centers, churches, homes, and courts
    7. Watch the videos below, or click the Brochure link above for all the details

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