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What’s Included with Youth Life Success Program Subscriptions

Parents who subscribe at $24 per month will receive the following series of in-depth programs, online in my interactive Learning System and with a full set of printed lessons, activities, and courses, delivered each month via email. These programs are self-guided, easy to use, and have been used nationwide with tens of thousands of youth, since 1987, to provide them the best chances for success in education, work, relationships, college, finances, and life. Click below to view details — and click SIGN UP at the bottom of the page to get started NOW!


  1. Month 1: Life Skills and Independent Living– 20 Hours
    BONUS: TWO Lifetime User Accounts for my Interactive, Online Learning System
  2. Month 2: Job Readiness and Workplace Success – 15 Hours
  3. Month 3: Career Exploration and Life Purpose – 20 Hours
  4. Month 4: My Personal Electronic Portfolio – 15 Hours
  5. Month 5: Financial Literacy and Money Skills– 15 Hours
  6. Month 6: Social Skills and Interpersonal Success – 15 Hours
  7. Month 7: Better Choices and Finishing School – 15 Hours
  8. Month 8: Credit, Debt, Budgeting, and Insurance – 15 Hours
  9. Month 9: Personal Leadership and Goal Setting (coming soon) – 15 Hours
  10. Month 10: Cars, Domestic, Health, and Diet (coming soon) – 20 Hours
  11. Month 11: College Planning and Academic Success (coming soon) – 15 Hours
  12. Month 12 and beyond: many more subjects coming!


PLUS – with each track above, you’ll receive a variety of new activities, online resources, lessons, tools, programs, and assets on life skills and independent life as I collect, develop, and publish them in the coming months.
All this will help you INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, and EMPOWER youth and adults, with programs focused on increasing achievement, building knowledge and skills, and finding success in the real world. This large collection of configurable and affordable courses, activities, lessons, modules, assessments, and resources will help you prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of real life.


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