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  • Lifetime access to Peak Service on volunteering, community service, and giving back. Used by students across the U.S., this a great addition to any community service programs you’re running today with youth. Self-service, self-guided, online, interactive, and engaging, you’ll make it a standard part of your community service assignments. I designed it to augment, document, and enhance existing community service assignments. This includes community service as part of academics, as consequences or sentencing from the court, or as service learning in school or church.
  • My in-depth eBook on Youth Job and Career Excellence.
  • Free Curriculum in your email, for a year: see below for some of the topics. This includes free lessons and extensive learning tools and resources, sent every couple weeks by email, on careers, jobs, finances, communication, teamwork, money, social skills, the value of school, independent living, college readiness, life planning, and much more.
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Peak Readiness Curriculum

Introduction: How This Works

Your Preferred Lifestyle
Intro to Independent Life (in Three Parts)
Journal and Reflection on Living on Your Own

Research and Decide Your Independent Lifestyle
Find a Real Apartment
Furnish Your Apartment
Determine Costs to Move Out
Create a Budget for Basic Expenses
Purchase a Car, Calculate a Car Loan
Real Costs of Owning and Maintaining a Car
Explore Insurance Costs for Cars and Health
Calculate Leisure and Entertainment Costs
Saving, Investing, Credit Cards, and Rainy Days
Income Needed to Achieve Your Preferred Lifestyle
Journal and Reflection on Budgets, Lifestyle, Expenses

Identify Job, Career, and Vocational Options
Profile Yourself, Identify Job and Career Categories
Explore Income, Working Conditions, Job Outlook

Align Your Lifestyle, Mission, and Earning Power

Explore Educational Options and Outcomes
Find Colleges, Explore Admissions, Compare Costs
Interview a Worker in Your Chosen Career
Journal and Reflection on Careers, Jobs, Education

Intro to the Business World
Business Self-Assessment
Write a Basic Business Plan
Interview an Entrepreneur
Journal and Reflection on the Business World

Decide Your Lifestyle Goals, Make a Commitment

Explore Giving Back to the Community
Intro to Service and Volunteering
Service Learning Self-Assessment
Interview a Volunteer or Service Worker

Peak Purpose Core Curriculum

Introduction: How This Works

Who Am I?
What’s important to me? What are my Values?
What do I like to do? What are my Interests?
How do I like to interact with the world around me?
What is my personality type and my personality preferences (Myers-Briggs)?
What cool things have I done?
What are my past accomplishments and most memorable experiences?
What am I good at? What are my skills?

Where Am I Going?
How would I like to make a contribution to this world?
What real-world needs and opportunities will I address?
What’s my Mission?
Create my Mission Statement
What will I do?
Who will I help?
What will I accomplish for them?
How much money do I need to earn?
What are my Career and Life Goals?

How Do I Get There?
Is my goal realistic? How do I test and validate my Career Goal?
How do I know if this is really right for me?
Research my chosen career.
What is my Career Plan?
What areas do I need to improve in?
How do I market myself?
Utilizing Purpose Bound in practical ways, for my life
How do I utilize this new-found knowledge?
How do I repeat the process when things change?
Motivation and Focus

Peak WORKPLACE Core Curriculum

Your Job Search and Job Resources
Tips and Tools for a Successful Job Search
Decide What Job to Pursue
Community and Local Job Resources
Create a Job Search Planner

Explore Job Applications and Create Yours

Resumes, Cover Letters, and References
Advanced Interactive Resume Workshops

Preparing for Job Interviews
Behavioral Interviewing
Why You? Why This Job?
Additional Interviewing Resources

Interview Success and Follow Up
Top Ten Tips for a Successful Interview
Create a Thank You Letter
Interview Practice Role-Play

Learn About Paychecks and Deductions
Taking Care of Your Money

Keeping and Succeeding in Your Job

On-the-job Etiquette
Top Ten Reasons People Lose Job — and How to Avoid Them
Attitude and Excellence
Group Discussion on Making Employment Work
Dealing With Challenges
Raises, Promotions, and Getting Ahead

Success with Coworkers and Bosses
Dealing With Customers
Teamwork, Communication, Conflicts
Leadership and Initiative

Advanced Modules

Self Confidence: Appreciate Who You Are

The Five P’s of Problem Solving

Intentional Communication

The Foundation of Good Teamwork

Getting Organized

Peak Financial Core Curriculum

Introduction: How This Works
Financial Pre-Survey
What is Net Worth?

Live Within Your Means
Needs vs. Wants: Living Within Your Means
Decide Spending Consciously: Needs, Wants, and Saving

Checks, Banking and Cash Flow
Understanding and Using Personal Checks
Understanding and Using Your Checking Account
Understanding and Using Bank Statements
Checking Account Exercises

Interest, Credit and Loans
Discover Interest Basics
Intro to Credit and Types of Credit
Credit Reports and Credit Reporting Agencies
Explore Various Loan and Credit Options
Underwriting and What It Means to You

Peak Choices Curriculum

Contemplate Your Behaviors
What behaviors have put you at risk?
How did it feel before and leading up to those choices?
How did it feel during those choices?
How did it feel afterwards?
Share and discuss with a partner on a specific occurrence:
What happened?
Be totally honest: in the moment, did you REALLY chose, or not?
What was your attitude going into the situation?
How did you react and feel afterwards?
What can you say now were your “reasons” for doing this? (Give examples)

Consider The Impact
Reflect on worst case outcomes for each choice above, for you, in your life
Who does this impact, beyond you?
What impact does it have on them? Be specific.
Research the external mandated consequences for your choices (see Specific Behaviors below)

What About Influences
What impact did friends have on these choices?
What risky behaviors have you seen your friends practice?
Describe what it is about you or your life that created the likelihood of this happening.
What is it about you that allows or does this?

Making New Choices
How might you recognize these choices and behaviors in the future, before they happen?
Read/hear real-life stories about choices, outcomes, and what other teens discovered
Link to stories online
Group sharing on your own and other people’s stories


FIVE HOURS of Instruction
Any portion of this can be done individually, with a partner, and/or as a group.

What is a “Vector”?
Describe the Vector Story: how small shifts today create big changes later
Reflect on “vectors” in your life: small things that eventually made a big difference

Consider the Power of Decisions
Every single action you take is a decision… name three examples.
Positive decisions you’ve made in the past, and what happened
Decisions and Choice: The nature of your own power
Who or what in your life has created challenges for you?
How has that affected you? Be specific.
How might you rise above that now?
Name one small way you could shift the vector
Name one large way you could overcome that completely
Reasons: For yourself and for a higher purpose

Putting it Into Practice
Consider one choice or behavior from your “Awareness and Deterrence” Activity…
Name three actions or decisions that would be negative (show examples)
Name three actions or decisions that would be positive (show examples)
If you change this vector, where will you end up?
If you don’t change this vector, where will you end up?
Set an intention, create a goal (show examples)
How will you remind yourself of this every day?
How will you remind yourself of this in the moment, when the opportunity arises?


FOUR HOURS of Instruction:

Consider Choices and Consequences
Identify the criminal or illegal activities you chose
Investigate the legal and sentencing consequences (link to state Departments of Justice)
Identify other current or potential legal issues: costs, sentences, impact on your life
Who was the direct victim and how did you impact them?
Who else did this impact? How might they feel about it? What property?
How would you feel and what would you do it this happened to you?

Learn About What Others Have Been Through
Group sharing and discussion on discoveries
Hear or read stories of incarceration or visit a jail
Reflect on external situations, pressures, or individuals that put you at risk
Reflect on internal attitudes, beliefs, or decisions that put you at risk
Set intention on how to manage future behavior


SIX HOURS of Instruction
This Course is intended to be reflective on a young person’s choices or potential choices about substance abuse. It is not intended as a program of drug or alcohol rehabilitation. It should not be used in place of treatment or necessary interventions.

Consider Choices and Consequences
Take a survey of your behaviors and why you made those choices:
Chose three examples and reflect on why
Impact on your health
Impact on your legal status and freedom
Impact on your finances
Impact on your chances for jobs, education, and opportunities
Impact on your self respect
Read or hear others’ stories of the nature of addiction and choices
Describe and share your stories of friends, family, or others in your life
Link to online stories

How to Change This Vector
Reaching out
What other resources or assistance are available (if you use them or not)?
How have other people sought help successfully?

Made a decision…
Refer to Decisions above, who could you reach out to?
What decisions could you make now to change your Vector?
Make the decision now to make that one small change

Honesty and sharing…
If you needed confidential help with this, where would you go?
What are you willing to change about you to improve this situation?

Knowing where this is leading you, are you willing to shift the Vector?
How could get willing or become more willing?
Asking for help…
Ask the person or whoever for help
Good – this is progress, you have made a Decision, changed a Vector

Use the Decision and Power: what about next time?
Remember yourself in a past situation, now envision the future in detail
Record how you chose otherwise, how it felt, and decide to continue that

Staying Focused…
How will you take of yourself?
Finding and using local recovery and support resources

Optional Activities
•Community Service
•Jail Visits / Jail Jolt
•Incarceration, Probation, Detention, Etc.

InnerState1 Curriculum

Preparing for the Journey: The Power in Choice – This course supposes that choice is the foundation for empowerment. The goal here is to help participants recognize and embrace the fact that they always have a choice. Understanding this concept creates an infinite source of power for change within them. We all know that good things and bad things happen in life… to every person. Teaching participants to choose their reaction to each situation helps them understand that they have the power to determine how satisfied or dissatisfied they are with their lives.

Preparing for the Journey: The Power in the Present – The premise behind this chapter is that worry cannot exist in the present. By helping them move from the past or future into the PRESENT, this unit allows participants to recognize how much of their time is spent on unproductive worry and how that time can be used for better things.

The Power in Values – The goal for participants in this Pit Stop is to choose 3-5 core values that they can truly embrace in their lives and to show how these values steer them in their decisions, choices, actions, and ultimately, their entire journey…

The Power in Approval – Participants explore approval from two angles: 1. What does someone have to do to GET their approval? 2. What do they require of themselves to get their OWN approval? The purpose here is for participants to recognize the power that approval can hold in their lives and to formulate healthy ways in which to deal with this power.

The Power in Self-Appreciation – This pit stop is intended to help participants learn multiple ways to accept and appreciate who they are. It also contains specific tools to address feelings of self-doubt.

The Power in Natural Abilities – In order for participants to live a purposeful life, it is crucial for them to discover what part they play in making the world a better place. The goal of this pit stop is for participants to identify their natural abilities and discover ways to use these abilities to contribute to the world in positive ways.

The Power in Self-Care – The goal of this unit is for participants to identify what drains them of their energy and what restores them with energy. Helping the participants find ways to truly take care of their physical, mental, emotional, and soulful selves gives them back the “fuel” they need to keep going on their individual paths and the tools to manage stress more effectively.

The Power in Anger – Anger is one of the most powerful emotions human beings have, and often, anger runs deep. The purpose of this unit is to help participants see that not only can anger keep them from moving forward, but also it can give them tremendous power for positive change in their lives.

The Power in Fear – In life, fear is often an obstacle. It can even be and excuse keeping us from moving forward. This lesson guides participants toward the idea that fear is a choice and that whether they are scared of something or not, is secondary. What they are willing to do in spite of their fear is what makes them great.

The Power in Relationships – This pit stop helps participants identify two kinds of relationships: those they choose (friends/boyfriend/girlfriends) and those that choose them (parents/siblings/teachers). It also demonstrates to participants that there is power in their connection to other people and that their relationships are a part of who they are. The key take away is that participants need to be the kind of person they want to have in their lives.

The Power in the Future – In this final pit stop on their trip, participants ask themselves, “What do I want out of my life?” and “What are my ultimate hopes and dreams?” By reflecting on what they have learned at the previous pit stops, participants begin to identify what they want from their lives. The idea is for participants to realize that they need to make choices that move them towards their goals and to help them determine if they are truly traveling on the path that is right for them.

The Power in ME – This exercise concludes Innerstate1 by asking participants to record on a map all of the key concepts that they have learned in the program. Once completed, participants will literally have “a map of the road within.” The idea here is to leave participants with a visual compilation of everything they have learned so that they may refer to it as their individual journeys continue.

Peak e-Portfolio Sections

FutureSelves Feedback Report
Peak Purpose Career Compass
Peak Readiness Certificate
All About Me
Contact Me
My Goals
My Mission
Job History
Volunteer Work
My Resume and Transcript
Education and Training
Internships and Apprenticeships
Sports and Extracurricular
Job Shadow Summary
Colleges I’m Interested In
Honors and Awards
Personal Essays
Favorite Quotes
People I Admire
Favorite Books & Web Sites
Exhibits and Artifacts
Advisors, Mentors, References
Letters of Recommendation

+Define, build my own sections

North Star Interactive Curriculum

Money Basics and Living Within Your Means
Financial Pre-Assessment
Setting Financial Goals
Your Net Worth
Living Within Your Means
Decide Spending Consciously: Needs, Wants, and Saving

Basic Banking and Checking
Understanding and Using Personal Checks
Understanding and Using Your Checking Account
Understanding and Using Bank Statements

Basic Budgeting and Cash Flow
Create, View, and Manage a Detailed Budget
Forecasting Spending, Managing Cash Flow
Anticipate Your Spending and Stay Organized

Interest and Loans
Discover Interest Basics
Intro to Credit and Types of Credit
Credit Reports and Credit Reporting Agencies
Explore Various Loan and Credit Options
Underwriting and What It Means to You
Underwriting and The Whole Picture

How to Manage Your Financial Tools
Gather Information, Get Organized
Tools for Getting and Staying Organized

Solving Credit and Money Problems
Credit Scoring Basics
Credit Repair and Problem Accounts
Other People and Your Credit
How Bad Credit Ages
Planning a Financial Recovery
Climbing Out of Debt

Buying Your First Home
Qualifying for a Mortgage
Timeline to Get Your Finances in Order
Finding Down Payment Assistance
Organize Your Documents for Home Purchase
Home Preferences Checklist

The following partial list of organizations use my interactive life success and motivational programs:

Alaska Gateway School District, Tok, AK
Gilson Junior High School, Valdez, AK
Kake City Schools, Kake City, AK
Nelson Islands Schools, Nelson Islands, AK
Sitka School District, Sitka, AK
Central Alabama Community College, Alexander City, AL
Faulkner State Community College, Bay Minette, AL
Wallace Community College, Selma, AL
Bevill State Community College, Fayette, AL
Decatur Youth Services, Decatur, AL
Gadsden State College, Anniston, AL
Grace House Ministries, Birmingham, AL
Leads Inc., Huntsville, AL
Tennessee Valley Family Services, Guntersville, AL
Troy University Upward Bound, Troy, AL
Arkansas State University Upward Bound, State University, AR
Camden/Fairview Public Schools Gear Up, Camden, AR
Rich Mountain Community College, Mena, AR
Harding University Upward Bound, Searcy, AR
State of Arkansas Independent Living, Little Rock, AR
Teen Challenge Ranch of Northwest Morrow, Spring Dale, AR
University of Arkansas Community College, Hope, AR
Panhandle Community Services, Scottsbluff, AZ
Alta Vista High School, Mountain View, CA
Bonita Unified School District, San Dimas, CA
California State Fullerton Upward Bound, Fullerton, CA
Carlsbad Village Academy, Carlsbad, CA
College of the Desert, Palm Desert, CA
Delta Vista Middle School, Oakley, CA
Hamilton Union High School District, Hamilton, CA
Imperial Valley College, Imperial, CA
KTDA Group Home, Fresno, CA
Los Angeles Urban League, Los Angeles, CA
Lutheran Social Services, Big Bear, CA
Modesto Junior College Upward Bound, Modesto, CA
Monterrey Peninsula College Upward Bound, Monterrey, CA
Orangewood Children’s Foundation, Garden Grove, CA
Pasadena City College, Pasadena, CA
Patelco Credit Union, San Francisco, CA
Placer County Peer Court, Placer County, CA
Rock Teen Center, Los Angeles, CA
Tahema County Health Services, Red Bluff, CA
Timothy Murphy School, Marin County, CA
Trinity Foster Care, Long Beach, CA
Victory Outreach, Los Angeses, CA
United Friends of the Children, Los Angeles, CA
Windsor Oaks Academy, Windsor, CA
Aspen Valley High School, Colorado Springs, CO
Air Academy High School, Colorado Springs, CO
Broomfield Social Services, Broomfield, CO
Branson School Online, CO
Clear Lake Middle School, Wesminster, CO
Community College of Denver, Denver, CO
Colorado Independent Living (12 counties), CO
Colorado Sixth Judical District, Granby, CO
Colorado Uplift, Denver, CO
East Denver Church of Christ, Denver, CO
International Telementoring, Fort Collins, CO
Lorraine Secondary School, Fountain, CO
Lost and Found Inc., Wheatridge, CO
Metropolitan State College, Denver, CO
Moffat County High School, Craig, CO
Montezuma County Partners, Cortez, CO
Pagosa Day Treatment Center, Pagosa Springs, CO
Revere High School, Ovid, CO
Rural Solutions, Sterling, CO
Senate Bill 94, Alamosa, CO
Teen Court, Colorado Springs, CO
Transitional Living Program, Ft. Collins, CO
Trinidad State Junior College, Trinidad, CO
Turning Point, Ft. Collins, CO
Urban Peak, Colorado Springs, CO
Women’s Resource Agency, Colorado Springs, CO
Brookfield Library, Brookfield, CT
Children’s Community Programs of CT, New Haven, CT
Gateway Community College, New Haven, CT
Middletown Adult Education, Middletown, CT
Options of Hartford, CT
Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT
STEPS, Hamden Public Schools, Hamden, CT
Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT
No Murders, Inc., Washington, DC
Delaware Technical & Community College, Georgetown, DE
Delaware Technical & Community College, Dover, DE
House of Joseph III, Wilmington, DE
Everybody’s Computing Solutions, Trinidad/Tobago
Boys Home District 4, Jacksonville, FL
Children’s Home Society, Jacksonville, FL
Community Haven, Sarasota, FL
Devereux, Orlando, FL
Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, FL
Florida International University, Miami, FL
Grandview Preparatory School, Gainesville, FL
Hillsborough Kids, Inc., Tampa, FL
Okeechobee County School Board Gear Up, Okeechobee, FL
State of Florida Independent Living, Orlando, FL
Sarasota YMCA Partnership, Palmetto, FL
Tipping the Scale, Jacksonville, FL
Bethesda Home for Boys, Savannah, GA
Concerted Services Talent Search, Reidsville, GA
Dekalb County Workforce Development, Dekalb County, GA
Georgia DHR/Independent Living Program, Albany, GA
Georgia Southern University Upward Bound, Statesboro, GA
Gwinn Children’s Shelter, Marietta, GA
Lakeside Prep High School, Carollton, GA
Methodist Home, Macon, GA
Salvation Army Headquarters, GA
YWCA of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI
Briar Cliff University Upward Bound, Sioux City, IA
Clarke Learning Center, Osceola, IA
Coe College, Cedar Rapids, IA
Des Moines Area Community College, Des Moines, IA
Foundations II, Cedar Rapids, IA
Graceland University Upward Bound, Lamoni, IA
Lenox Community School District, Lenox, IA
Simpson College Upward Bound, Indianola, IA
University of Northern Iowa Talent Search, Waterloo, IA
University of Iowa Upward Bound, Iowa City, IA
Western Iowa Tech Community College, Sioux City, IA
Children & Family Services, Pocatello, ID
University of Idaho, Moscow, ID
Moscow Job Service, Moscow, ID
Ada S. McKinley Community Service Inc., Chicago, IL
Association for Education Excellence, E. St. Louis, IL
Beloved Community Family Services, Chicago, IL
Chicago State University, Chicago, IL
Carl Sandburg College, Galesburg, IL
Cisne High School, Cisne, IL
Clay County Safe Schools, Louisville, IL
Jamal Place Inc / Deangelis House, Chicago, IL
Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, IL
Illinois Eastern Community College, Olney, IL
Marion High School, Marion, IL
Maple Park Academy, Harwood Heights, IL
National Lewis University Talent Search, Chicago, IL
Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL
Pathways, Chicago, IL
Rock Valley College, Rockford, IL
Wabash & Ohio Regional Planning Committee, Carmi, IL
Triple L Youth Camp, Anderson, IL
Village Investment, Project Butterfly, Chicago, IL
Ft. Wayne Area Youth for Christ, Fort Wayne, IN
Hamilton County Juvenile Probation, Nobleville, IN
Indiana State Univ. Terre Haute Upward Bound, Terre Haute, IN
Oakland City University Upward Bound, Oakland City, IN
White’s Residential, Indianapolis, IN
CASA of Shawnee County, Shawnee County, KS
Dodge City Community College, Dodge City, KS
Foothills Technical College Gear Up, Emporia, KS
Independence Community College, Independence, KS
Lakin High School, Lakin, KS
Neosho County Community College Talent Search, Chanute, KS
The Salvation Army, Wichita, KS
USD480 Liberal School, Liberal, KS
Breathitt County School System, Breathitt County, KY
Marshall County Schools, KY
Morehead State University Upward Bound, Morehead, KY
Pikeville College, Pikeville, KY
LSU Student Support Services, Louisiana State University, LA
Loyola University Upward Bound, New Orleans, LA
Southern University Upward Bound, Baton Rouge, LA
RFK – EWT School, Holyoke, MA
The Caleb Group, Swampscot, MA
AAMA, Hagerstown, MD
Anne Arundel Community College Talent Search, Arnold, MD
Baltimore City Community College Talent Search, Baltimore, MD
Baltimore City Department of Social Services, Baltimore, MD
Community College of Baltimore, Catonsville, MD
Community College of Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD
Gilman School, Baltimore, MD
Johns Hopkins Talent Development, Baltimore, MD
Southside Academy, Baltimore, MD
University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD
East Kentwood High School, East Kentwood, MI
Lake Michigan College Upward Bound, Benton Harbor, MI
NEC High School, Lansing, MI
Northern High School, Lake Pleasant, MI
Oakland University Gear Up, Rochester, MI
Oakland University Upward Bound, Rochester, MI
Parmenter Community Justice Center, Bay City, MI
Southwestern Michigan College, Dowagiac, MI
Staircase Youth Services, Ludington, MI
Andover High School, Anoka, MN
Bemidji State University, Bemidji, MN
College of St. Benedict, St. Joseph, MN
College of St. Scholastica, Duluth, MN
Colonel Charles Young Military Academy, St. Paul, MN
Community College of N.E. Minnesota, Grand Rapids, MN
Lake Superior College Upward Bound, Duluth, MN
Minneapolis Public Schools, Minneapolis, MN
Minnesota Public Schools Online, Minneapolis, MN
Minnesota State University, Mankato, Mankato, MN
Osseo Secondary Transition Center, Maple Grove, MN
Rochester Public Schools, Rochester, MN
Sobriety High School, St. Paul, MN
West Central Regional Juvenile Center, Minneapolis, MN
Workforce Development, Inc., Albert Lee, MN
Harris-Stove State College Talent Search, St. Louis, MO
Harris-Stove State College UB, St. Louis, MO
Lebanon Alternative Education Center, Lebanon, MO
Missouri Southern State College Upward Bound, Joplin, MO
Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, MO
Alberton Public Schools, Alberton, MT
B&G Club of the Northern Cheyenne Nation, Lame Deer, MT
Colstrip Public School District, Colstrip, MT
Elk Creek Academy, Heron, MT
Flathead Valley Community College, Kalispell, MT
Missoula City Public Schools, Missoula, MT
Montana State University, Billings, MT
Salish Kootenai College, Pablo, MT
Tumbleweed / Child & Family Services, Billings, MT
Carter G. Woodson, Winston-Salem, NC
Charlotte Housing Authority, Charlotte, NC
Council on Adolescents, Hickory, NC
Durham Scholars Program, Durham, NC
Family Christian Centers, Charlotte, NC
James Sprunt Community College, Kenansville, NC
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC
Youth Homes, Inc., Charlotte, NC
Bremer Bank, Minot, ND
First National Bank & Trust of Williston, Williston, ND
Trinity Christian High School, Williston, ND
Williston High School, Williston, ND
Eckert Youth Foundation, Williston, ND
Williston State College, Williston, ND
Adult Learning Center, Williston, ND
Independent Living Studies, Williston, ND
University of North Dakota Upward Bound, Grand Forks, ND
Mountrail Williams Electric Company, Willliston, ND
North Dakota Youth Correctional Center, Mandan, ND
Aim Institute Gear Up, Omaha, NE
Cedars Youth Services, Lincoln, NE
University of Nebraska Upward Bound, Lincoln, NE
Alvrine High School, Hudson, NH
Wilton Lyndeborough Junior-Senior High School, Nashua, NH
Children’s Home Society of New Jersey, Toms River, NJ
Downe Academy, Dividing Creek, NJ
Gramon School, Fairfield, NJ
The Marketing Group, Emerson, NJ
True Servant, Hamilton, NJ
Union Vocational Technical School, Scotch Plains, NJ
Women Rising, Jersey City, NJ
Bernalillo Public Schools, Bernalillo, NM
Families and Youth Inc., Las Cruces, NM
Los Alamos Juvenile Justice Advisory Board, Los Alamos, NM
New Mexico Highlands University Upward Bound, Las Vegas, NM
New Mexico Youth Challenge Academy, Sante Fe, NM
Southwest Indian Polytechnic Institute, Albuquerque, NM
Kids Kottage, Reno, NV
Ron Wood Family Resource Center, Carson City, NV
Victory Neighborhood Services Center, Las Vegas, NV
Niagara-Wheatfield High School, Niagara Falls, NY
Berkshire Union Free School District, Canaan, NY
Borough of Manhattan Community College, New York, NY
Buffalo State College, Buffalo, NY
Center for Youth Services, Rochester, NY
The Chelsea Foyer Program, New York, NY
ETS Program at John Jay College City Univ. of NY, New York, NY
Graham-Windham School, New York, NY
Harlem Center for Education, New York, NY
Houghton College, Houghton, NY
La Guardia Comm. College Gear Up, Long Island City, NY
LaGuardia Comm. College Upward Bound, Long Island City, NY
Suny-Fredonia Upward Bound, Fredonia, NY
Akron Digital Academy, Akron, OH
Akron Public Schools, Akron, OH
Baldwin Wallace College, Berea, OH
Bethel Christian Academy, Parma, OH
Community Action, Washington-Morgan Counties, OH
Cuyahhoga Community College, Cleveland, OH
Dayton Urban League, Dayton, OH
Fairlawn High School, Sidney, OH
Port Clinton High School, Port Clinton, OH
Tri-County Job’s for Ohio’s Grads, Akron, OH
Youngstown State University, Youngstown, OH
Youth Treatment Center/CITE Program, Toledo, OH
Bixby Learning Center, Bixby, OK
Cameron University, Lawton, OK
Carl Albert Upward Bound, Poteau, OK
Choctaw Nation American Indians, Hartshome, OK
Cushing Public Schools, Cushing, OK
East Central Oklahoma University, Ada, OK
Independent Living Service for Youth, Norman, OK
Oklahoma City Community College, Oklahoma City, OK
Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, Miami, OK
North Rock Creek School, Shawnee, OK
Seminole State College Talent Search, Seminole, OK
Teen Court, Inc., Lawton, OK
Cascade Youth and Family Services, Bend, OR
Community Works, Ashland, OR
Upward Bound Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR
Ute One Stop, Roseburg, OR
Achievement House Charter School, , PA
Allegheny Intermediate Unit, Pittsburg, PA
Chatham College Upward Bound, Pittsburgh, PA
Clarion University, Clarion, PA
Community College of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
Einstein Academy Charter School, Morrisville, PA
Forest County Human Services, Tionesta, PA
HIS Academy, Chester Springs, PA 1
Lincoln University, Lincoln, PA
Penn State University, University Park, PA
Twin Valley High School, Elverson, PA
Valley Youth House, Bethlehem, PA
York County Children and Youth Services, York, PA
Ocean Tide School, Narragansette, RI
Charleston AFB Youth Programs, Charleston, SC
Sea Haven Project LIVE, North Myrtle Beach, SC
Sneed Middle School, Florence, SC
Trident Technical College, Moncks Corner, SC
University of South Carolina, Lancaster, SC
Black Hills State University Upward Bound, Spearfish, SD
Lincoln High School, Sioux Falls, SD
Northern State Univ. Aberdeen Upward Bound, Aberdeen, SD
Red Cloud Indian School, Pine Ridge, SD
Creative Life Inc., Memphis, TN
Friends for Life, Memphis, TN
Hiwassee College, Madisonville, TN
Middle of Tenn. State Univ., Murfreesboro, TN
Abilene Christian University Upward Bound, Abilene, TX
Alpha Academy, Magnolia, TX
CIS – MCYC, Waco, TX
CS Lewis Hall, Austin, TX
East Dallas Weed and Seed, Dallas, TX
Dallas Public Schools, Dallas, TX
Houston Community College, Houston, TX
Marywood Children & Family Services, Austin, TX
Midland High School, Midland, TX
Waco High School, Waco, TX
Mission Waco, Waco, TX
South Plains College, Levelland, TX
San Jacinto College Upward Bound, Houston, TX
Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX
Texas Wesleyan Upward Bound, Forth Worth, TX
Weatherford College, Weatherford, TX
West Texas A-M, Amarillo, TX
Work Force One Coastal Bend WBD, Corpus Christi, TX
Workforce Texoma, Dennison, TX
Park City School District, Park City, UT
University of Utah Upward Bound, Salt Lake City, UT
Abundant Life Academy, Kanab, UT
Weber State University Upward Bound, Ogden, UT
Anchor, Martinsville, VA
Crater Regional Workforce, Petersburg, VA
Giles County Partnership, Narrows, VA
Goodwill Industries of the Valley, Dublin, VA
Hampton University Talent Search, Hampton, VA
Layfayette County Human Services, Darlington, VA
Louden Juvenile Detention Center, Leesburg, VA
Mountain Empire Community College, Great Stone Gap, VA
Northern Shenandoah Valley Workforce Center, Middle Town, VA
Peninsula Alliance for Economic Development, Hampton, VA
Professional Youth Services, Richmond, VA
Richmond Public Schools Gear Up, Richmond, VA
University of Virginia College at Wise, Wise, VA
Virginia State University Talent Search, Petersburg, VA
Columbia Basin Community College, Pasco, WA
Cascade Christian School, Puyallup, WA
Catholic Family and Child Services, Richland, WA
Emerald City Outreach, Seattle, WA
EPIC Youth Services, Yakima, WA
Muckleshoot Tribe Child Welfare, Auburn, WA
Snoqualmie Indian Tribe, Carnation, WA
Workforce NW Services Council, Port Angeles, WA
Yakima Valley Community College Upward Bound, Yakima, WA
Summit County Sheriff, Summit County, UT
Family Preservation and Support, Wausau, WI
Linden Cherish Place, Wakesha, WI
Marinette County Teen Court, Marinette County, WI
Oakfield School District High School, Oakfield, WI
Oshkosh East High School, Oshkosh, WI
Washington County Dept. of Social Services, WI
Marshall University, Huntington, WV
West Virginia State University Upward Bound., Keyser, WV
Central Wyoming College Upward Bound, Riverton, WY
Gillette Workforce Center, Gillette, WY
Hulett Schools, Hulett, WY
Natrona County High School, Caspar, WY
Northern Arapaho Vocational Rehab, Riverton, WY