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With the free 5-hour Peak Vision course, teens will: create a detailed scenario of their successful, independent adult life and discover in-depth who they are and how they can make a real contribution to the world.  They’ll see vividly the value of education and the economic impact of dropping out, they’ll learn the real cost of adult life, how much they’ll need, and how to earn what they need, and how to take responsibility for their choices, own their future, and grow up.  Everything is FREE, online, and passwords never expire.

How does Peak Vision work?

  1. When you sign up above, staff, parents, and teens get unlimited free passwords for the online Peak Vision Course.
  2. Students logon, complete the Course, print a Certificate of Completion, and turn it in.
  3. The course is easy, engaging, and takes 5 hours – teens can start and stop at any point.
  4. Their Certificate includes their password, to further check their work if needed.


What are the benefits of Peak Vision for teens?

  • Create a detailed scenario of MY successful, independent adult life.
  • Discover in-depth who I am and how I can make a real contribution to the world.
  • See vividly the value of education and the economic impact of dropping out.
  • Learn the real cost of adult life, how much I’ll need, and how to earn what I need.
  • Take responsibility for my choices, own my future, and grow up.
  • Everything is FREE, online, and passwords never expire.


Here are the five modules included in the Course:

  1. Who Am I, Really? What are my skills, interests, values, preferences, and personality? Discover in-depth what I’m made of, what matters to me, how I relate to the world.

  2. How will I apply my unique capabilities in the world, to be useful, satisfied, and successful? Map who I am to the real needs of real people in the real world, in ways that I can get excited about and find a purpose for my life.

  3. What are my financial needs and preferences, and how do I ensure I meet and exceed them? Consider all the necessary economic factors of a real life and determine how they fit with my dreams of success.

  4. How does the real world work? What happens if I graduate or not, or go to college or not? Explore several sample scenarios of what it means to be on my own and make it work.

  5. How will I connect the dots on all the key elements of a successful, productive, satisfying independent life? Connect education, career, income, expenses, and lifestyle to my goals now and in the future.

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