Parents: Free Resources to Prepare Teens for LIFE



Read on to learn about how to guide, teach, motivate, and inspire youth toward their future – to provide them the tools, resources, learning, and assets needed to compete and succeed in this ever-changing world.


Below you’ll find how to:

  • 1. Get exceptional life skills programs, self-guided, easy to use, proven nationwide, for FREE.
  • 2. Get further in-depth, printed and interactive online, time-proven programs for a few dollars a month.
  • 3. Get immediate, free access to 20 hours of online, interactive, motivational youth programs.


Believe it: Youth with a vision triumph over obstacles.

You are the one: it’s your job to provide those teens the skills, knowledge, and resources they will need to get started in the world, including social skills, job skills, money skills, career planning, commitment to school, preparing for college, responsiblity and good choices, and much more.


These life-readiness methods have been helping youth for the last 25 years, are now in use in all 50 states, with 27,000 users and students nationwide. They’re self-guided and they provide suberb opportunities to share quality time with your teens.


“When we introduced the program in our “Individual and Family Counseling” department, it gained immediate acceptance with both our counselors and clients… We’re often cynical when it comes to gimmicks, charts and graphs, but you’ve certainly won us with your life skills program.” W.F. Montfort, President, Rocky Mountain Rehab Center



Hello, and welcome to my Learning System! My name is Bob Berry, and I developed these programs and this interactive web site. I have 20 years of experience designing, building, deploying, and supporting online learning, worldwide. I’ve built global engineering education systems for Hewlett-Packard, authored 300 hours of interactive education for youth, founded three educational technology companies, created leading-edge leadership development systems for iPads, and I’ve raised five kids of my own to adulthood.

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You can’t control today’s economy.

But you can give teens every chance to rise above the crowd and compete better. Avoid the pain of adult children falling into debt, moving back home, suffering through unemployment, or working in dead-end jobs.


Here are the benefits:


  1. Inspires, Motivates, and Empowers young people to own their own success
  2. Students discover the economic value of school and commit to learning
  3. Life skill lessons and online resources teach key independent living skills
  4. Crafting a detailed life vision leads to plans, choices, and action
  5. Teens can experiment, explore, and create multiple scenarios for their future
  6. Modular, configurable, flexible systems adapt to local needs and budgets
  7. Internet-based system teaches online skills and provides 24 x 7 access
  8. Self-guided, user-centered courses reduces teacher and parent time and hassle
  9. Tracking tools, progress reports, and assessments provide data and monitoring
  10. Instructional and curriculum materials ensure classroom or youth center success
  11. Teen-designed life plan and personalized outcomes act as their own voice


Don’t just take our word for it: Here’s our list of organizations nationwide.



You’re not alone and you don’t have to do this on your own. Public and private K12 schools, colleges, universities, families, community centers, courts, group homes, faith-based organizations, and individual mentors have been using our programs for 25 years, to inspire, motivate, and empower youth on their way to the future.


What’s Included:


  1. 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  2. Leading-edge interactive life skills and motivational curriculum.
  3. Individual passwords and user accounts for each student.
  4. Lifetime access to our life-scenario-planning system.
  5. Participation letter and invitation for parents and families.
  6. Certificate of Completion for every student.
  7. Technical assistance at no cost, toll-free 866.471.4285.
  8. Detailed, step-by-step instructions integrated into each Module.
  9. Numerous assessments, tracking tools, and student reports.
  10. Instructional and curriculum resources.