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Schools are still cutting back, and only teach core academics. Effective life skill lessons plans are rare in academic settings.  Parents don’t have resources or time to prepare teens for the real world.  
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This complete set of life skill lesson plans originated in the mid-eighties with a small group of dedicated parents and teachers who wanted to help their own teens.  It’s now grown to include life skill lesson plans on independent living, finances, social, jobs, careers, workplace, at-risk, truancy, better choices, and much more. And you can get started into it all for free.

Career counselors, corporate trainers, and school teachers; court administrators, homeshool parents, and private mentors; curriculum developers and instructional designers; they all have one thing in common: they’ve used and contributed to these life skill lesson plans for almost 3 decades.

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With the guidance and creativity of all those creative professionals, creating useful and relevant life skill lesson plans over three decades, you are no longer alone in your quest to motivate and inspire the teens you serve.  And I’m constantly adding new materials, expanding the scope and effectiveness of the life skill lesson plans you need to be that guide, mentor, and teacher that teens always need to successfully graduate to real life.