• Students create a vision of independent living
  • They created the vision, it’s theirs, they’re committed to it
  • They can see the path, step by step, of how to get there
  • They gain the skills to meet the challenges and opportunities
  • They discover solid reasons to make right choices and take right actions
  • They make a personal learning plan and goals that evolve with them
  • They align their lifestyle with their potential future earning power
  • They simulate effective real-world living, not make mistakes out there


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PEAK READINESS is an in-depth life skill, independent living, and motivational curriculum for young people, with approx. 20 hours of instruction. The focus is independent living for teens, through simulation of a number of real world factors. The Course will guide students, step-by-step, to craft a detailed vision of their independent adult future, and create a clear and specific picture of what’s possible. They will learn a variety of life skills to build the confidence necessary to reach their goals. Their plan is uniquely theirs, they created it, and they are more committed to taking the responsibility to making it come true. Peak Readiness guides them to compare the uncertainty of their expectations with the reality of their capabilities.

Peak Readiness now includes an integrated pre- and post-assessment to measure student shifts in knowledge, skills, understanding, and motivation. Teacher/Sponsor tracking and reporting tools are provided to access student progress, activity results, assessment outcomes, journal entries, and to produce reports.

Peak Readiness Independent Living for Teens

Introduction: How This Works

Your Preferred Lifestyle

Intro to Independent Life (in Three Parts)
Journal and Reflection on Living on Your Own

Research and Decide Your Independent Lifestyle

Find a Real Apartment
Furnish Your Apartment
Determine Costs to Move Out
Create a Budget for Basic Expenses
Purchase a Car, Calculate a Car Loan
Real Costs of Owning and Maintaining a Car
Explore Insurance Costs for Cars and Health
Calculate Leisure and Entertainment Costs
Saving, Investing, Credit Cards, and Rainy Days
Income Needed to Achieve Your Preferred Lifestyle
Journal and Reflection on Budgets, Lifestyle, Expenses

Identify Job, Career, and Vocational Options

Profile Yourself, Identify Job and Career Categories
Explore Income, Working Conditions, Job Outlook

Align Your Lifestyle, Mission, and Earning Power

Explore Educational Options and Outcomes

Find Colleges, Explore Admissions, Compare Costs
Interview a Worker in Your Chosen Career
Journal and Reflection on Careers, Jobs, Education

Intro to the Business World

Business Self-Assessment
Write a Basic Business Plan
Interview an Entrepreneur
Journal and Reflection on the Business World

Decide Your Lifestyle Goals, Make a Commitment

Explore Giving Back to the Community

Intro to Service and Volunteering
Service Learning Self-Assessment
Interview a Volunteer or Service Worker