Financial Mastery, Credit Worthiness, Debt Recovery, and Home Ownership

North Star Interactive was created to help adults and youth develop an extensive series of key financial skills. It leads students through a series of interactive learning exercises that help them learn about themselves, their goals, and their financial behaviors, then helps them master the important financial skills that aren’t taught in school, and ultimately learn debt recovery, how to save money, recover from past mistakes, and eventually qualify for a home – no matter where they are starting.


With North Star Interactive, adults and youth embark on an important process. Getting a financial life in order is one of the most important – and valuable – things anyone will ever do to create happiness. This Journey is not an easy one. It requires hard work, a lot of thought and planning, and much attention to detail. But the payoff at the end is worth every minute spent on it. It starts with deb recovery.

Here’s a program to build skill, confidence, and financial success

Benefits and Outcomes for participants:

  • Start saving and get out of debt
  • Repair bad credit, step by step, creditor by creditor
  • Get financial documents, records, and all paperwork up to date and in order
  • Learn about “needs”, “wants”, and living within your means
  • Build a detailed budget and get a handle on spending — for the long term
  • Develop skills in banking, checks, loans, interest, and much more
  • Work methodically, systematically toward credit worthiness and the benefits that brings

View our shorter financial literacy and money management course: go to PEAK FINANCIAL (15 hours of instruction).

What’s Included in North Star Interactive

Money Basics and Living Within Your Means
Financial Pre-Assessment
Setting Financial Goals
Your Net Worth
Living Within Your Means
Decide Spending Consciously: Needs, Wants, and Saving

Basic Banking and Checking
Understanding and Using Personal Checks
Understanding and Using Your Checking Account
Understanding and Using Bank Statements

Basic Budgeting and Cash Flow
Create, View, and Manage a Detailed Budget
Forecasting Spending, Managing Cash Flow
Anticipate Your Spending and Stay Organized

Interest and Loans
Discover Interest Basics
Intro to Credit and Types of Credit
Credit Reports and Credit Reporting Agencies
Explore Various Loan and Credit Options
Underwriting and What It Means to You
Underwriting and The Whole Picture

How to Manage Your Financial Tools
Gather Information, Get Organized
Tools for Getting and Staying Organized

Solving Credit and Money Problems
Credit Scoring Basics
Credit Repair and Problem Accounts
Other People and Your Credit
How Bad Credit Ages
Planning a Financial Recovery
Climbing Out of Debt

Buying Your First Home
Qualifying for a Mortgage
Timeline to Get Your Finances in Order
Finding Down Payment Assistance
Organize Your Documents for Home Purchase
Home Preferences Checklist