online learningOnline Learning Systems to Prepare Youth for the Future

Now More Than Ever – Our mission here is more critical than ever:

  • The current state of the economy means that youth must work harder than ever to compete
  • Schools continue to cut way back and funding for non-core curriculum is the lowest in decades, and online learning can fill that gap
  • Parents must work harder, with less income, so their time and resources to help their teens are limited
  • The safety nets in our society are vanishing because of continued government funding cuts, especially at the state and local levels

These tough times force tough decisions, for all of us.  But often, those decisions are right and are the best ones for the long term, though the short-term sacrifices are challenging.

That’s a theme taught in my online learning programs, and it’s advice I’d had to adopt myself the last few years.  With online media and e-learning continuing to evolve, our programs and learning systems must adapt.  Now, with the launch of this new web site and improved Learning System, it’s about free content, social media, greater interactivity, more options and control for the user and customer, and staying focused on the needs and wants of adults helping youth, and the youth themselves.

So now, you can come at any time and download good stuff for free (here).  Then, if that’s working well, and you want more integrated and richer programs, you have that option for a few dollars a month (here).  And if you’re a large organization and want to install a lot more, you still have those options (here).

Plus, I added two more essentials to further accelerate and stay relevant:

  • If you have good materials, programs, curriculum, content, assessments, courses, etc. and want to distribute them in this online learning system, I can help (here).
  • I’ve learned a great deal about the technology, instructional methods, business and marketing aspects, and if you need guidance and consulting services, I’ll provide that (here).

From what I’ve learned over the years, I can now provide considerable research and development assistance for online learning systems, especially for online education and general interactive user experience. Staying current and working on leading-edge projects helps make that much better.