Using Printable Handouts for the Peak Choice Course

In Peak Choices, you can do all of the Activities on paper, using the resources below. Depending on which Courses you’ve purchased, you may need to locate some additional printed resources, such as your local newspaper, resources at your center, the phone book, etc. The printed Activities have instructions and suggestions on how to do this, as needed.

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All of the following are copyright 2017 The Pikes Peak Learning Company.

Peak Choices and the reflective exercises below are not intended to be recovery or treatment programs, nor should they be used instead of qualified clinical or psychological interventions. It is up to the local adult practitioners (teachers, counselors, program directors, youth leaders, ministers, parents, etc.) to offer these Activities to their students as an educational resource only, and the practitioner assumes full responsibility for the outcomes. Pikes Peak Learning makes no guarantees or claims to the effectiveness or results to be gained with these Activities, and assumes no responsibility for youth behaviors or the absence of behaviors.

Peak Choices Course as Printable PDF Handouts

Awareness and Deterrence

Decision and Power

Drug and Alcohol

Crime and Vandalism

Reflection and Discovery: Counseling

Reflection and Discovery: Community Service

Reflection and Discovery: Incarceration, Probation, Detention, etc.

Reflection and Discovery: Jail Visits