Using Printable Handouts for the Peak Discovery Course

In Peak Discovery, you can do all of the Activities on paper, using the resources below. Depending on which Courses you’ve purchased, you may need to locate some additional printed resources, such as your local newspaper, apartment guides (like those found at the supermarket), the Occupational Outlook Handbook, and catalogs for finding the costs of things. The printed Activities have instructions and suggestions on how to do this, as needed.

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Peak Discovery Course as Printable PDF Handouts
True Life Chart – Reality Road Map
Start Here: Welcome to Peak Mastery

1. Use the True Life Chart to Explore the Real World
The True Life Chart Reality Road Map: Intro to Successful, Independent Life

2. Find the Costs of a Reasonable Lifestyle
Locate and Budget for a Real Apartment
Create your Budget for your Apartment, Utilities, Food, and Clothing
Costs and Responsibilities of Owning Your Car
Find and Learn About Car Insurance and Health Insurance
Create Leisure and the Fun in Your Life
Your Total Yearly Budget, Expenses, and Income Needed

3. Discover the Jobs and Education Needed to Support Your Life
Find the Income, Jobs, and Education Needed to Reach Your Lifestyle
Learn About Success in Your Chosen Job or Career

4. Goals and Decisions: What will you do NOW?
Make CHOICES: What will you do NOW to create the life you want?