ePortfolio examples for careers and jobs

YOUTH and ADULT versions available

  • Create different ePortfolio examples to show who I am to bosses, friends, teachers, family, parents, colleges.
  • Build a dynamic archive of my assets, accomplishments, honors, awards, and all the unique recognition I’ve earned.
  • Collect, integrate, and present results from other LifeSkillPrograms.com sections and modules.
  • Immerse myself in subject or career areas, connect with others, share what I have to offer, explore the online world, and learn.
  • Market myself to key people, including college admissions, hiring managers, mentors, personal references, and community organizations.
  • Manage my goals, future plans, personal development, and ways to become who I want to be.
  • Have fun, be creative, express myself and build a portfolio of myself, my life, and my dreams.


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PEAK ePORTFOLIO is a fun and dynamic online system for students to collect and integrate key results from LifeSkillPrograms.com: I offer eportfolio examples for career plans, life mission, financial goals, skills, interests, assessments, values, personality, and much more. In addition to all these results, they can gather awards, honors, recognition, and other achievements that make them unique.

The e-Portfolio has the capability to describe and report job history, resumes, academic transcripts, and entire background. It includes fun sections on favorite web sites, books, heroes, quotes, and words of advice. Students can customize the look of their Portfolio, and it has ways to send links to others so they can log in and explore. Plus, to help students get involved and stay engaged, the Portfolio has sections for users to “immerse” themselves in career fields to learn more about what interests them and what they care about.

eportfolio examples

Peak ePortfolio Examples: What’s Included

FutureSelves Feedback Report
Peak Purpose Career Compass
Peak Readiness Certificate
All About Me
Contact Me
My Goals
My Mission
Job History
Volunteer Work
My Resume and Transcript
Education and Training
Internships and Apprenticeships
Sports and Extracurricular
Job Shadow Summary
Colleges I’m Interested In
Honors and Awards
Personal Essays
Favorite Quotes
People I Admire
Favorite Books & Web Sites
Exhibits and Artifacts
Advisors, Mentors, References
Letters of Recommendation
Define and build my own sections