Financial literacy can make all the difference in a young life:

  • Teens discover where their financial skills are lacking
  • They know where to find important resources and tools
  • They gain the financial skills to meet challenges and opportunities
  • They create a vision of the value of financial competence in their lives
  • They obtain access to a system for planning, goal setting, and making real progress
  • They realize how closely education, earning power, and quality of life are connected
  • They align their lifestyle preferences with their future potential earning power


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PEAK FINANCIAL is a money management and teen financial literacy course that covers many aspects of consumer math (15 hours of instruction). It guides teens to explore banking, checks, checking accounts, and learning to live within their means. From there, the Course covers loans, interest, and credit. Peak Financial builds on the core principles and lessons of PEAK READINESS, and also introduces the fundamentals of net worth, cash flow management, and distinguishing between needs and wants.  With the skill and motivation to spend consciously, youth people can apply new financial literacy skills to lifelong success.


Peak Financial Literacy Core Curriculum

Introduction: How This Works: Teen Financial Literacy
Financial Pre-Survey
What is Net Worth?

Live Within Your Means
Needs vs. Wants: Living Within Your Means
Decide Spending Consciously: Needs, Wants, and Saving

Checks, Banking and Cash Flow
Understanding and Using Personal Checks
Understanding and Using Your Checking Account
Understanding and Using Bank Statements
Checking Account Exercises

Interest, Credit and Loans
Discover Interest Basics
Intro to Credit and Types of Credit
Credit Reports and Credit Reporting Agencies
Explore Various Loan and Credit Options
Underwriting and What It Means to You