• Teens have a vision of their contribution to the world
  • They created it, it’s theirs, and they’re committed to it
  • They can see the path, step by step, of how to get there
  • They discover their own personal style, in-depth, via an interactive Myers-Briggs assessment
  • They connect their unique skills, interests, aptitudes, values with real-world needs and opportunities
  • They have compelling reasons to get an education, stay in school, and continue learning
  • They complete in-depth career exploration exercises and a plan and goals that evolve with them
  • They have aligned their career preferences with their potential earning power


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PEAK PURPOSE is a career exploration and life mission discovery course, with in-depth, progressive, insightful career exploration exercises. Students will learn, in their lives, what will be their unique contribution to this world, based on their interests, skills, past experiences, and what they’re passionate about. Then they’ll create their own mission statements to clearly articulate their paths to success and what their financial needs are. Finally, they’ll develop a detailed plan to map their mission and preferences into a career plan that will guide them to success and satisfaction.

Teens’ entire outlook can change once they see the vision of their value, their contribution, and their life mission. They recognize that they have the ability to have a significant and positive impact on their world, and they discover that they have the skills and ability to help others.


Peak Purpose Core Career Exploration Exercises

Introduction: How This Works

Who Am I?

What’s important to me? What are my Values?

What do I like to do? What are my Interests?

How do I like to interact with the world around me?

What is my personality type and my personality preferences (Myers-Briggs)?

What cool things have I done?

What are my past accomplishments and most memorable experiences?

What am I good at? What are my skills?


Where Am I Going?

How would I like to make a contribution to this world?

What real-world needs and opportunities will I address?

What’s my Mission?

Create my Mission Statement

What will I do?

Who will I help?

What will I accomplish for them?

How much money do I need to earn?

What are my Career and Life Goals?


How Do I Get There?

Is my goal realistic? How do I test and validate my Career Goal?

How do I know if this is really right for me?

Research my chosen career.

What is my Career Plan?

What areas do I need to improve in?

How do I market myself?

Utilizing Purpose Bound in practical ways, for my life

How do I utilize this new-found knowledge?

How do I repeat the process when things change?

Motivation and Focus