The Peak Vision Course is all about crafting your future life. This course is online, interactive, and easy to complete. It takes about 5 hours to complete – you can do it all at once, or work on it a little at a time.

How do teens use Peak Vision?

  1. They login with they password for the Peak Vision Course.
  2. They complete the Course, print a Certificate of Completion, and turn it in.
  3. The course is easy, engaging, and takes 5 hours to build their future life.
  4. Their Certificate includes their password, to further check their work if needed.

What are the benefits of Peak Vision for teens?

  • Create a detailed scenario of MY successful, independent adult life.
  • Discover in-depth who I am and how I can make a real contribution to the world.
  • See vividly the value of education and the economic impact of dropping out.
  • Learn the real cost of my future life, how much I’ll need, and how to earn what I need.
  • Take responsibility for my choices, own my future, and grow up.
  • Everything is interactive, online, and passwords never expire.

Here are the five modules included in the Course:

  1. Who Am I, Really? What are my skills, interests, values, preferences, and personality? Discover in-depth what I’m made of, what matters to me, how I relate to the world.

  2. How will I apply my unique capabilities in the world, to be useful, satisfied, and successful? Map who I am to the real needs of real people in the real world, in ways that I can get excited about and find a purpose for my life.

  3. What are my financial needs and preferences, and how do I ensure I meet and exceed them? Consider all the necessary economic factors of a real life and determine how they fit with my dreams of success.

  4. How does the real world work? What happens if I graduate or not, or go to college or not? Explore several sample scenarios of what it means to be on my own and make it work.

  5. How will I connect the dots on all the key elements of a successful, productive, satisfying independent life? Connect education, career, income, expenses, and lifestyle to my goals now and in the future.