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  • $247 for the GETReal Series of PRINTABLE Programs for Life Success
  • Five in-depth programs, 85 modules, 125 hours, for number of unlimited students
  • The five life-success printable programs below – click below for all the details
  • When you order online, you’ll instantly receive a password to logon to our extensive digital library, when you can download the printable programs and use unlimited quantities.



    and OUTCOMES


    Peak Readiness In-depth life skills, motivation, confidence, & vision. Create a vivid, achievable scenario for successful independent life. 20 to 25 Hours
    Peak Workplace Interviewing, job readiness, workplace etiquette & success. Conduct an effective job search, keep your job, excel in the workplace. 8 to 12 Hours
    Peak Choices For at-risk youth. Discover how you got in trouble, including influences & consequences. Build confidence, own your power, make better choices. 15 to 25 Hours
    Peak Financial Spending, banking, money, credit, loans, & financial skills. Avoid common money blunders. Get basic training for success in our economic world. 10 to 15 Hours
    InnerState1 Values, self esteem, anger, stress, fear, relationships. Help youth develop the interpersonal and soft skills so critical to survival and success. 5 to 50 Hours


    CLICK here: $247 for the GETReal Series of PRINTABLE Life Success Programs – Five in-depth programs, 85 modules, 125 hours, for unlimited students