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Program Description Modules Length Purpose Details
PEAK READINESS In-Depth Life Skills and Reality Course 28 Modules 15 to 20 Hours “Simulate successful adult, life before they hit the street” CLICK
PEAK PURPOSE Life Mission and Career Development 15 Modules 20 to 25 Hours “Youth with vision and purpose can overcome any challenge” CLICK
PEAK CHOICES Reclaiming Your Power, Making Better Decisions 19 Modules 15 to 20 Hours “Personal responsibility may be the greatest skill we can teach” CLICK
MY e-PORTFOLIO Share, Connect, Explore, Participate, Learn 22 Modules 25 to 30 Hours “Share your accomplishments, goals, and dreams – in a fun way” CLICK
PEAK WORKFORCE Advanced Workplace Readiness Course 15 Modules 20 to 25 Hours “Find a job, master workplace skills, and learn to excel at work” CLICK
PEAK SERVICE Community Service, Why It Matters, Do It Well 5 Modules 5 to 7 Hours “Giving back, helping others is the greatest character trait” CLICK
PEAK VISION Create a Vision for the Future You Want 6 Modules 8 to 10 Hours “Who am I? What do I want? How will I make it happen?” CLICK
PEAK FINANCIAL Money Management and Financial Literacy Course 13 Modules 12 to 15 Hours “To earn, spend, save, and invest wisely builds wealth” CLICK
INNER STATE1 Interpersonal and Social Skills 14 Modules 20 to 25 Hours “Lack of social skills and self confidence can sink any teen” CLICK