These courses, lessons, activities, assessments, resources, and programs go way beyond most curriculum. The experiential learning is hands-on, engaging, and fun. It is proven to motivate, inspire, and empower. We cover major aspects of living in and succeeding in today’s complex world.

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Innerstate1: Values, self esteem, anger, stress, fear, relationships 5 – 50 hrs.
Peak Readiness: In-depth life skills, motivation, confidence, & vision 20 – 25 hrs.
Peak Discovery: Fast, impactful wake-up call: life, money, jobs, success 8 – 12 hrs.
Peak Financial: Spending, banking, money, credit, loans, basic skills 10 – 15 hrs.
Peak Service: Community service, service learning, volunteering (soon) 8 – 12 hrs.
Peak Workforce: Job readiness, confidence, teamwork, and much more 15 – 20 hrs.
Peak Choices: At-risk, better choices, new behaviors, self motivation 15 – 25 hrs.

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Youth Job Readiness and Career Planning

2. 350 Must-Have Free Resources:
Youth Development, Training, Education, Learning, and Motivation

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Breakthrough lessons to inspire, motivate, empower

4. 5-Part Youth Life Simulator