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Links to Other Web Sites: The Peak Mastery web site offers a number of links to web sites not created or controlled by PPLC (such as links to the U.S. Department of Labor for job and career data). These links are offered as a service to Peak Mastery users for the completion of the Learning Exercises and to encourage users to learn the process of online research. However, PPLC does not guarantee, endorse, or make any claims about the accuracy or reliability of the information found on any of these web sites. Use of these other web sites is done at your own risk.

Disclaimer: The content of the Peak Mastery web site is offered to the public "as is". PPLC does not warrant in any way this content. PPLC will regularly make changes to the content, without prior notice.

Age of User: The Peak Mastery program is intended for users above the age of 10 who have previous computer and web browser experience.

Technical Requirements for use: Most Peak Mastery program are best used on a computer connected to the Internet, to take advantage of large databases of information, use interactive tools, surveys, and assessments, learn online research methods, and other benefits. However, most programs are also available in printed form.

Sponsors: Adult sponsorship, supervision, and assistance are strongly recommended for users under the age of 18. IF THE USER CONDUCTS AN INTERVIEW IN PERSON, THEY MUST TAKE THEIR SPONSOR OR ANOTHER ADULT WITH THEM. THEY SHOULD NEVER MEET WITH A STRANGER ALONE.

Single use of accounts: Accounts are provided one per user. By purchasing Peak Mastery accounts and logging in with your user account password, you agree as a user, purchaser, or sponsor to not share accounts and passwords among multiple users. Peak Mastery accounts are designed and intended to belong to a single user so he or she can update their personal plan as their goals and life dreams change, and are not transferable.

Duration of accounts: There is no specified time limit on access to Peak Mastery accounts. User accounts and passwords will remain active as long as PPLC remains open for business. True Life Interactive passwords are no longer active, as of January, 2008. Please contact us if you need support for older True Life programs.

Safety and Limits of Liability: PPLC encourages and supports safe surfing habits at all times. We strongly encourage adult supervision and participation in the Learning Activities and other tasks performed by under-age users in the course of completing the Peak Mastery program. We carefully screen all web sites that we link to for objectionable material. Although the Peak Mastery program will not provide direct access to objectionable material on the Internet, PPLC cannot prevent users from accessing anything that exists on the Internet. PPLC shall not be liable for any activity or interaction by any user, on the Internet or elsewhere. In no event will PPLC or its agents or partners be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of this web site. This limit of liability includes inability to access or use the site or any of its capabilities, anything linked to or from this site, anything not linked to or from this site, or any activities performed in the process of completing the Learning Activities on this site, on the Internet, or elsewhere.

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Discounts: Each price special or price discount may be applied only once per order and only one type of discount may be applied to a single order. An order consists of all accounts purchased on a single credit card transaction or check transaction.

Returns: PPLC can grant a refund for any unused user account(s) if:
1. You have not logged into and started the program. This is similar to purchasing software: once you "remove the wrapper" you own the software.
2. You request a refund via email within 30 days of the purchase date and include the following:
a. Your transaction ID and order ID from your original order (found in your email confirmation).
b. Your name, address, phone number, and email address.
c. Sponsor username and password and user passwords on accounts for which you are requesting a refund.
d. Reason for the refund request.

Warranty: Peak Mastery is designed to provide an informative and successful life planning experience. PPLC will make every effort to maintain the performance and quality of the program and provide timely and effective support. But the Peak Mastery program IS NOT GUARANTEED to produce results. Success depends on your (user and adult sponsor) dedication to completing the program, the reliability of your computer and Internet connections, your own computer and web browser skills, and many other personal and individual factors.

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Support: PPLC will provide user support via email or phone and will respond to your support inquiries within 2 business days. We will strive to provide the most accurate and helpful support possible to help our users and sponsors succeed with the program.

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