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Purpose 1: To help you accept and embrace positive feedback about yourself.

Purpose 2: To help you see your natural talents and how you can use those talents to help others.

The Power in Natural Abilities

What does the phrase ‘natural ability’ mean to you? Let’s define it.





Why is it important to identify and own your natural abilities?








How does it feel when you are using a natural ability?







How does it feel when you are trying to do something that doesn’t come naturally to you?


The Power in Natural Abilities

Is it possible that natural abilities come so easily to you, that you don’t actually consider them ABILITIES? Let’s explore it.

Have you ever had anyone give you a compliment? Compliments are great clues into our natural abilities. Often times others see what we cannot see in ourselves.

What do you do with a compliment? Accept it or dismiss it? When someone gives you a compliment and you blow it off or dismiss it, what might you be saying to that person without even realizing it?






Why might you avoid identifying and owning your natural abilities?






Write down two examples of compliments you have received.

1. Several people have told me that I_________________________ ________.

2. One time, ____________________ said that I am good at ________________ ________.

What do these compliments teach you about a natural ability you have?

The Power in Natural Abilities

Sometimes it is difficult to see your own natural abilities, so here is a list to get you started. Go through the list and circle the words that seem natural and easily describe a trait you have.

  • Athletic Artistic
  • Creative Friendly
  • Funny / make others laugh Making others feel comfortable /hospitality
  • Organized Leadership
  • Logical Persistence / diligence
  • Analytical Hard working
  • Problem Solving Ethical
  • Listening Honest / Trustworthy
  • Detail Oriented Attentive
  • Computer Savvy Connect with people
  • Respectful of other people Spontaneous
  • Studious Hopeful
  • Prepared Imaginative
  • Optimistic Inventive/original
  • Open-minded Kind-hearted
  • Investigative Reasonable
  • Resourceful Positive
  • Confident Genuine
  • Innovative Technological
  • Consistent Structured
  • Motivating Motivated
  • Encouraging Loyal
  • Disciplined Intellectual
  • Committed Helpful
  • Focused Forgiving
  • Task Manager People Manager
  • Sincere Considerate
  • Caring about the well-being of others Visionary
  • Compassionate Speaking in front of a group
  • Sensitivity Writing
  • Inspiring Empathetic
  • Problem Solver Team Player
  • Musical Communicating ideas / concepts

The Power in Natural Abilities

Owning your Natural Abilities affects others!

Owning your natural abilities is important because your abilities empower you to live life more fully. There is a huge difference in owning your natural abilities in a way that helps others or hurts others. How can you tell when you are using your abilities to help others or hurt others? Think of it the same way as self- confidence… When you use your natural abilities in a positive way, you are reaching out your hand to help someone else along the way… to teach, to inspire, to encourage, to empower. When you abuse your natural abilities you show up as arrogant and selfish. Imagine using your abilities to reach out to help pull someone else up rather than pushing someone down in the dirt. Own them, and check yourself. The ways you use your natural abilities are a big part of what gives you the Good kind of self-confidence.

I have the natural ability to… I can use it to pull others up by… I can use it to push others down by…

Be Funny

Make people laugh Including everyone and not making fun of one particular person. Laughing always makes people feel better Making people laugh at the expense of another person… making fun of someone


The Power in Natural Abilities

Personal Exploration

Name at least four natural abilities you have.





Is there a natural ability above that you have a difficult time owning and using in a positive way… to help pull others up?

Why is it difficult for you to own it?





If you could own it, how would it affect your life?






What do you need to do in order to own this natural ability?

Ask other people to validate it? Use it? What will it take for you to embrace it?


Choose one natural ability and make a conscious effort to use this ability to pull other people up today. Notice if you use it to push someone else down, too, and think about using it differently!

Which natural ability did you choose?




How will you purposefully use it to pull someone else up?




Come back later and write down how did it felt when you used it?




Go to the map at the end of you workbook and write your natural abilities on this.

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