Youth Development Learning Systems

youth developmentI and my dedicated predecessors have been at this since 1987, and we’re moving ahead again.  Despite the tough economy, we’re still here, thanks to all of you – our dedicated clients, customers, and users.

You’ve known me and all these youth development programs as Pikes Peak Learning – you’ll now see “” as the most prominent name.  While I like the mountain references, it doesn’t say anything about what I do.  Plus, Google likes more descriptive names.  Technically, it’s the same company, just a more useful name.

The youth development Learning System is the same one you’ve known for years, and it’s been – and will continue to be – expanded and enhanced with new programs, interactive learning, multimedia, and rich resources.

The main improvements:

  • I’ve made many of the programs free for parents and professionals (sign up here)
  • I now provide in-depth courses and the Learning System for MUCH less expensive monthly subscription rates – $24 for parents and $57 for professionals (subscribe here)
  • That “parent” part is another major addition: parents and home schools can now take advantage of all the programs, too
  • With a lot of help, I’ve improved and enhanced the Learning System, and therefore the learning experience for the students

The passwords you have for the Learning System are still active, and with this new improved and expanded business approach, I’ll be able to support those user accounts well into the future.  And make them even better.

Contact Me, as you always have, if you want to set up multiple youth development programs for entire classes or schools, or need something customized.  That part hasn’t changed.