Basic life skills and real-world reality: a youth goals planning and discovery system


  • Students discover the value of education in their own lives
  • They learn to connect education, jobs, income, and a reasonable lifestyle
  • They discover the realistic proportions of the working world
  • They get a life-scenario-planning system that allows them to experiment
  • They connect actions and youth goals to benefits, amenities, and rewards in real life


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PEAK DISCOVERY is a short and direct wake-up call in a compact 15-hour Course. It presents the reality of the adult world by guiding students to discover the path to a reasonable lifestyle. They’ll create a detailed budget for all the major expenses in a normal life, take a quick survey to identify their preferred job and career options, compare the earning power of those jobs to their lifestyle budget, and discover how their education and personal choices will qualify them for those jobs.

Youth goals become grounded in reality and guide all decisions.

The messages are, “Your choices create your future. In that future, education, work, money, and lifestyle are all connected – and you decide.” Peak Discovery is ideal for any situation or context where students can benefit from additional commitment to school, where they are acting impulsively without their best interests in mind, and where they can’t see beyond the next two hours.

Peak Discovery Curriculum & Youth Goals

Introduction: How This Works

Explore the Real World
The True Life Chart: Intro to Successful, Independent Life

Find the Costs of a Reasonable Lifestyle
Locate and Budget for a Real Apartment
Create your Budget for your Apartment, Utilities, Food, and Clothing
Costs and Responsibilities of Owning Your Car
Find and Learn About Car Insurance and Health Insurance
Create Leisure and the Fun in Your Life
Your Total Yearly Budget, Expenses, and Income Needed

Discover the Jobs and Education Needed to Support Your Life
Find the Income, Jobs, and Education Needed to Reach Your Lifestyle
Learn About Success in Your Chosen Job or Career

Set Youth Goals, Decide Your Future, Make a Commitment

Print Certificate of Completion