Interest Inventory and Assessment

In this interest inventory you will identify the things that you enjoy doing.  To learn and apply many life skills, knowledge of your interests is essential.

These activities are a measure of your Interests. The objective will be to match your future work activities to your Interests.


Has your current work, or past job experiences, provided you the chance to do what you like to do? Imagine doing the things that you like to do in your job. That would provide a fast paced and fun filled day, and help you be a happier and more productive person. The point of this interest inventory is to identify the things that you like to do.

If you can match these things, also referred to as your “Interests”, to your future work activities, you will be like one of those famous people that claim that they would do their jobs for free because they enjoy it so much. Sound good? Now, get started on your interest inventory.


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Check the boxes below to indicate the specific tasks that interest you most.

PHYSICAL□ Being athletic□ Operating□ Computer repairing□ Equipment repairing□ Driving□ Working with your handsINVESTIGATIVE□ Learning

□ Investigating

□ Exploring

□ Evaluating

□ Solving problems

□ Researching




□ Thinking up new ideas

□ Using your imagination

□ Inventing

□ Creating

□ Using your artistic ability


SOCIAL□ Enlightening□ Training□ Curing□ Treating□ Advising□ Communications□ Helping others develop skillsBUSINESS□ Influencing

□ Persuading

□ Performing

□ Leading

□ Managing

□ Reasoning persuasively

□ Mediating



□ Record keeping

□ Recording

□ Keeping minutes

□ Calculating

□ Budgeting

□ Preparing financial reports


All the Interests I selected (the things I like to do):

Key Thought to consider: I incorporate my Interests into my future work in order to make work fun.

                          INTEREST CATEGORY                SPECIFIC INTERESTS  


Now, from the six Interest Categories above (PHYSICAL, INVESTIGATIVE, CREATIVE, SOCIAL, BUSINESS, ANALYTICAL), choose your top THREE Interest Categories and enter them below — be sure to pick one of the six CATEGORIES and not one of the Specific Interests.

My First Choice:______________________________________________________________________________________________
My Second Choice:______________________________________________________________________________________________
My Third Choice:______________________________________________________________________________________________


Keep your interest inventory nearby for future planning and preparing for college and the workplace.