Explore below, where you’ll find how to provide youth with purpose – and how I’ve provided that, across the U.S., for the last two decades. 

I firmly believe that the greatest personal capacity we can offer young people is their own vision and purpose.  Check out the Learning Systems I offer to help you give them this power and ability.

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Is there any greater gift than providing teens their own intrinsic motivators?  What value to themselves and society are youth with purpose?  That’s my mission: Inspire, Motivate, Empower.  The stuff here that’s free is a $3500 value, and now you can get it with the click of a mouse.

Most of what you’ll find here was provided by teachers, authors, counselors, parents, and professionals dedicated to creating youth with purpose – and I’ve acquired or borrowed or licensed those proven programs to offer them here, many for free.

No need to try this on your own any longer.  Here’s help.  Many studies have show – and experience proves – that every teenager needs a guide, a model, someone who will stand up for them and with them.  You can be that leader and provide those gifts, and to sign up free, there’s no obligation or risk.  If you want to encourage, teach, and motivate, here it is!  As the old saying goes, give them roots, give them wings – youth with purpose and wings and roots are equipped to face what comes.

Build skills and confidence. Offer resources and tools with a system that doesn’t expire.


What impact?  Here: youth, schools, organizations, classrooms, families, and individual lives by the THOUSANDS discovering the power of youth with purpose.