Our Life Success Learning Academy courses, assessments, curriculum, and activities are web based. You can access the Learning System, the interactive lessons, and printable materials from any Internet computer. The Learning System will guide students to:

  • Access the online Learning Resources, interact with Course Modules, and use web-based tools.
  • Proceed through Activities, Lessons, course materials, online resources, and interactive tools.
  • Discover new insights about themselves, the world, finances, jobs, goals, education, much more.
  • Complete a detailed plan for their future with meaningful goals to commit to and strive toward.
  • Provide reports for teachers and sponsors on progress, outcomes, and their personal discoveries.

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What else is included with the Learning System and the Programs above:

  • Leading-edge interactive life success learning and curriculum.
  • Personal excellence, motivation, vision, and purpose.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Lifetime access to our life-scenario-planning system.
  • Participation letter and invitation for parents and families.
  • Certificate of Completion for every student.
  • Technical assistance at no cost.
  • Detailed, step-by-step instructions integrated into each Module.
  • Numerous assessments, tracking tools, and student reports.
  • Instructional and curriculum resources.
  • Online guides, timelines, resources, and how-to.